Thursday, February 29, 2024

DundraCon & The Raevsky Redoubt

DundraCon was a great weekend of miniature wargaming held over the President's Day weekend here in the United States at the Marriott Santa Clara in California.  We played a good set of miniature games and board games throughout the weekend.  The regular group of Roy Scaife, John Lantz, Dan Kerrick and myself headed over.  We also saw some long time excellent friends from the Fresno area, Ray, Mike, and Alan.

Borodino - The Raevsky Redoubt

A long time coming this scenario has been.  My entire Russian Napoleonic army is now complete, although I didn't need it all for this game.  I ran this scenario purely from "the book" as it was published in an article (somewhere I can't recall now).  We used General d'Armee (v1) and it was lots of fun.  Tons of troops on the table, which was only 6 foot by 8 foot.

Game result was very historical.  The Russians and French fought themselves into a standstill and the French suffered irreplaceable casualties.  We did however declare the Russians the winner as they held the redoubt at games end.

AWI Guilford Courthouse

Dan Kerrick ran an AWI game for Guilford Courthouse using the Live Free or Die rules from Little Wars TV.  The rules are a fast play and deadly.  Perfect for a convention.  The unstoppable British units marched down the field.  The troops quality makes a massive difference.  The rebels certainly made the British pay dearly for the ground taken, but ultimately couldn't hold them back.  British victory.

Naval Action

I had a grand time as always at Roy Scaife's naval game.  British and Italians.  I played on the Italian side and we lost.  I did manage to sink a couple of Cruisers before the end!

Other Games

Many other games ran throughout the weekend ...

And there you have it, another convention gone.  Next up in KublaCon in May, forward!