Sunday, April 30, 2023

War of the Ring: Flying Units

Just a quick post today as I finished off some flying units.  Specifically a Ringwraith on a Nazgûl, and 5 Great Eagles join the ranks.  In the recent GW made to order I picked up the older (metal) Witch King on Nazgûl, so this is just a regular Ringwraith.  I will have another Ringwraith just like this before I'm done, I just have to paint some Gondor Guards of the Fountain Court first (hoping to knock these guys out before KublaCon).

More to come!

Monday, April 24, 2023

Gondor Ruins

I continue to prepare for my War of the Ring games I'll be running at KublaCon at the end of May.  I plan to run a game called Men of the West, in which I'll be putting the bulk of my collection out on a large table.  This is essentially everything I have done minus Isengard.  I'll also be running my Fords of Isen game, so Isengard will see the tabletop over that weekend.

For the Men of the West scenario, I'll be keeping the table mostly open due to the sheer number of miniatures that will be on the table (around 2,500 figures by my rough estimate).  I plan to use some ruins from the excellent Arkenfel 3D printed range for this.

I finished painting these up over the last week or so.  3D prints can only look so good ... these are ok ... but they'll do the trick once I have some loose rubble and foiliage out with them on the table.

I have several of the buildings from this range that I will use for an Osgiliath scenario in the future.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

War of the Ring: Khand

Another batch of units done.  This time it is the units from Khand.  This consists of a Khandish King on Chariot and on foot.  Some additional chariots, cavalry, and warriors with missed weapons.

Next up are some goods guys for Gondor.  Specifically the Grey Company and a unit of Osgiliath Veterans.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

War of the Ring: New Evil Units

Making steady progress on basing the new units for War of the Ring.

First up is the Dragon Emperor of Rhûn And his Black Dragon warriors unit.  One of the more impressive looking units for the Easterlings.

Adding on to this is the Easterling Dragon Cult Acolytes unit.

Brórgîr, master of the war priests rounds out the additions to my Easterling army.

The impressive regiment of Morgul.Knights is done and looking ready to spread the dominion of Sauron!

And finally, the Witch King od Angmar himself ... mounted and on foot.

I'm finishing up my Khand force and will be posting pictures of those units soon.  After that it is the famed Grey Company and a unit of Osgiliath Veterans.

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Morgul Knights for War of the Ring

Another small batch from Bohdan.  A regiment of Morgul.Knights will be taking the field to terrorize the people of Gondor!  The regiment is 6 bases (18 figures).

In other news, life has been so busy lately.  I'm coaching High School Volleyball which is a major time committment.  Between that, work, and occasionally sleeping I've not had much hobby time.

That being said, I need to find the time as I have a lot of LOTR basing to do before I host a large War of the Ring game at KublaCon.  I'm just now finally cleaning up from the February game I hosted so i can lay out all the LOTR models to get the basing machine going ...

Anyways, enough of my ramblings and on to a few pictures.
Lots of finished regiment pictures coming for several factions as I have a large backlog of basing to do.