Thursday, March 21, 2019

Blast Markers - Napalm/Air Strikes

Just a quick one today - figured I'd share/spread the word - I just got my blast markers in from Bud's Blast Markers and I have to say they are AWESOME.  Bud uses tea lights with different colours - and fibre optics to create the markers.  A great addition to my collection (I picked up 5 of the napalm explosions).

You can buy these (and more) from here:

A couple of pictures below of one of the napalm explosions (he does regular explosions as well).



Monday, March 18, 2019

Fight for the Factory - Bolt Action Modern AAR

Before I jump into the game ... just wanted to show a couple of pictures of my new gaming table from the "Table of Ultimate Gaming" company.  I picked up two of their 4 foot by 6 foot tables with joining kit and combined them into a 6 foot by 8 foot table.  The "depth" of the tabletop is adjustable (deep or shallow - I'm using the deeper setting).  Quick attach cup holders and pads.  My dice trays are on back order.  I also have the table "tops" that store in the table.  When stored in the table the tops pull out to be little pull out surfaces, otherwise they cover the gaming area and turn the whole thing into a regular old table (for like ... eating and stuff).  Did I mention it also has power outlets and USB ports!  Anywho, really happy with it.

Roy, John, Steve, Matt and myself managed to get together to play a modern "Russia Resurgent" game this past weekend.  I setup a table with a factory that we would fight over.

The initial setup was a small detachment of French armoured cars around the factory, sent as a quick reaction force.  USMC and later US Army would come on to try to push back to the factory.  The Russians had a sizable force.

French Order of Battle (deployed within 12" of factory)
2 x AMX 10 RC
1 x ERC 90 Sagaie

USMC Order of Battle (enters turn 1)

1 x HMMWV w HMG --- carrying Officer
2 x HMMWV w ATGM --- carrying Javelin ATGM team and MANPADS team
2 x LAV-25 --- carrying Infantry Squad (each)
3 x M1A2 Abrams MBT

US Army Order of Battle (enters turn 3)

1 x HMMWV w HMG --- carrying Officer
2 x M2 Bradley --- carrying Infantry Squad (each)
2 x M1A2 Abrams MBT
1 x AH-64 Apache (enters on turn 4)

Russian Order of Battle (enters turn 1)

1 x GAZ Tiger --- carrying Officer
1 x BTR 80A
1 x BTR 80 --- carrying RPG-30 team and HMG team
1 x ZSU-23-4
1 x BMP-3 --- carrying Infantry Section
2 x BMP-2 --- carrying Infantry Section (each)
7 x T-90
3 x T-80
1 x MI-24D (enters on turn 4)

Battle was a blood bath ... with the Russians pushing the factory quickly and the USMC assaults being thrown back.  Helicopters didn't get much done due to poor rolling (once they showed up).  US Army (I was running) did little due to my own failure in the dice category :-)

End result was 40 VPs for Russians and 31 VPs for the NATO force, a Russian victory.

It was great to break out the modern toys since it has been a while.  This was also the first time I used a full sized fur mat for a modern game (using paved roads over the mat).  Worked out ok I think.

A few staged pictures below followed by lots of in game pictures.  These ones using my SLR camera.

Poor old Samsung pictures below of the action ...


There you have it folks!