Wednesday, June 19, 2013

General Update - 6/19/2013

Hello all,

I've gone a bit quiet for the past couple of weeks.  Another work event has had me tied up and then of course I'm having my backyard completely redone, so I'm building out my deck myself as a part of that ... which has cut into my gaming and hobby time.  I'm still very much going to continue on my Dead Man's Hand project -- I've actually based the buildings I've put together on MDF bases and I'm in the process of painting up some barrels to blue to the bases before I sand/paint them.  I'm also going to be putting together the buildings from BattleFlag - although they are more involved then the 4Ground buildings since I need to paint them.  I going to use my air brush to paint the parts before assembly.

My friend Roy Scaife had some sturdy and removable legs laying around his house that I can use to attach to my custom table for Dead Man's Hand.  I have the next couple of days off so I'll be attaching those to the table and continuing work on my backyard deck.  Things at work quiet down in the summer so I'm looking forward to getting back in the grove on several projects.  I've signed up to run demo games of Dead Man's Hand and the Fort William Henry M&T scenario at CelestiCon this year (labour day weekend).

Couple of pictures below of the MDF based 4Ground buildings.

MDF bases on the 4Ground buildings.

MDF bases on the 4Ground buildings.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dead Man's Hand Project - Update #2: Table Complete

Just a quick update today.  I've managed to complete the table - so now it is off to basing and details on the buildings ... then gang painting.  Making steady progress.

Sanded and ready for basecoat.

Basecoat of GW Steel Legion Drab
(colour matched at the local hardware store)

Drybrushing complete. Used Foundry "Base Sand" 10C
for this stage (again, colour matched at the hardware store)

Another angle - drybrush complete.

Added some buildings (which need to be based/detailed)

The town is founded ... more work to do though ...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dead Man's Hand Project - Update #1: The Beginning

It begins!  I've got everything in that I need to complete my Dead Man's Hand (DMH) project.  I officially kicked it off today.  I have a mighty 8 buildings - 5 from 4Ground and an additional 3 from BattleFlag (plus a gallow).

To make the project and game special I decided to build a custom table.  The table itself would be a little larger than 3 foot by 4 foot (added 5" on each side to account for my stained wood lip).  I will build a stained wood (and sealed) lip around the edge, include an area between the wood lip and actual play area that is green felt (like a poker table), then finally at the center is the playing area - sanded and drybushed to a nice old west color.

Basic table layout.
(a little over 3'x4')

Table top and  frame completed today.

As you can see above I was able to finish the basic structure of the table today.  I've started cutting the wood for the "lip" and should have that done tomorrow in a addition to the center "raised" main playing surface.  I also have the felt for the dice/card area.

I've also managed to get the 5 buildings from 4Ground assembled (order the special deal for the whole set from Great Escape games). The guys at 4Ground have really outdone themselves with these buildings by including lots of cleaver little details and a much improved "hinged" door vs. the plug and pray doors included with the WW2 buildings I have from them.

All 4 gangs, cards, MDF markers, and the buildings,
all part of the "Legends of the West" offer
from Great Escape Games.

Great Escape Games as signs you can print off for the 4Ground buildings. You can download them from their DMH download page.  Only one of the buildings doesn't have a sign ... not sure why it was left out. That being said, I'm working on a sign I can use for the fifth building.  I'll also be putting the buildings on MDF bases with some extra details around them (like barrels and such).

Need to file a claim?

Gambling time!

Take a picture, it will last longer.

Mop chop.

No sign just yet, but I'm working on something ...

More to do, but need to get the
airbrush out for these buildings.

The buildings from BattleFlag are also truly excellent - and they include high quality signs!  The only downside is I'll have to paint them (although they'll do that for you if you give them enough $$).

I've managed to get one of the gangs (the Lawmen) cleaned, sanded, based, and primed --- ready for the paint brush.  I'm going to assemble all the gangs to the same state as the Lawmen so I can start playing some games to get familiar with the rules ... but paint is rapidly forthcoming for the gangs once I finish up the table and buildings.

Ultimately I'll be running demonstration games of DMH at CelestiCon in the fall (the labour day weekend in the US ... con is held in Fremont, CA - so just down the street).

Stay tuned - more updates to come.