Thursday, June 20, 2024

Epic Pike & Shotte: Parlimentarians

Still more progress on the Parliamentarians for the Battle of Edgehill.  There are 14 Pike and Shotte units in total for this side of the armies, and there are just 3 units left to base (already in progress).  The Cavalry is also well at hand although I'm prioritizing getting the infantry based first.

Movement trays have been sorted for all unit types and will make playing the game easier.  I'm really loving the look and feel of this army and can't wait to see it all arrayed on the tabletop!

The first cavalry unit is based below.  7 more in progress.

Dragoons - mounted and dismounted below.  There are three of these units.

Both Cuirassier units are done.

All this goes with the previous units completed.

Pushing hard to get this army finished and on the tabletop.  More pictures to come :-)

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Epic Pike and Shotte

Making good progress on my stuff for the Battle of Edgehill using the Warlord Games Epic Pike & Shotte.

The Parlimentarians are painted and I'm working through all the basing.  I've decided to cut my own bases from 2mm MDF.  The standard bases are 60mm wide by 20mm deep.  This footprint is very tight for the infantry, abd too small for the cavalry (they can't rank up).  I am using 60mm x 24mm for infantry, and 60mm x 30mm for cavalry.

Pictures below of the first units completed ...

Lot's more to do but I have the process down and can make steady progress now.