Thursday, June 20, 2024

Epic Pike & Shotte: Parlimentarians

Still more progress on the Parliamentarians for the Battle of Edgehill.  There are 14 Pike and Shotte units in total for this side of the armies, and there are just 3 units left to base (already in progress).  The Cavalry is also well at hand although I'm prioritizing getting the infantry based first.

Movement trays have been sorted for all unit types and will make playing the game easier.  I'm really loving the look and feel of this army and can't wait to see it all arrayed on the tabletop!

The first cavalry unit is based below.  7 more in progress.

Dragoons - mounted and dismounted below.  There are three of these units.

Both Cuirassier units are done.

All this goes with the previous units completed.

Pushing hard to get this army finished and on the tabletop.  More pictures to come :-)


  1. They are going to look quite superb on the table, really good work on them, I like the movement trays they really work well.

    1. Thanks Donnie! Took a bit to figure out how I wanted to do the trays but very happy with the result.

  2. Wonderful work sir! They may be smaller but us experienced painters know it’s no less work. Well done sir!


    1. Thanks Kevin. They have certainly packed a lot of detail onto these figures :-)

  3. Most beautiful and impressive units Jay!