Sunday, March 28, 2021

Battle Report: Freeman's Farm, 1777

The gang got together for our first "full group" game since the start of the pandemic.  With my new rivers in hand I was able to get Freeman's Farm on the table.  Below is a picture of "the night before" the game.  All setup and ready to go.  I've been looking forward to running this game for a while.

Roy, John and Adrian commanded the crown forces, which comprised a goodly portion of Hessians.  Dan and Matt took the American forces.

The American forces immediately push most of their reserve units forward in an attempt to hold both the farms.  While this left little/nothing to plug holes, it did make the fight for the farms very epic.  Fraser and Hamilton really had their hands full trying to break into the farms.  Roy and John kept their Grenadiers (both British and Hessian) in reserve and used them to drop a hammer late in the game in order to get a firm foothold on each of the farms.

Reidesel was held up ... unsure as to commit forward to the heights or if units needed to break off to support the attack on the farm.  Decisions made too late meant that the much needed support for the attack on the farm never materialized before the end of the game.

Still, even with a valiant defence, the Americans could hold back the more experienced troops.  While it would have been unlikely the crown forces could take the heights, with most of the American forces pushed forward it was a real possibility by games end.  So the game went firmly to the crown forces with a victory.

A good chunk of pictures below ... I was fairly distracted 2/3rds of the way through the game due to us all just being together and getting into long conversations so I neglected my picture taking responsibilities late in the game.  Still, some decent shots below from both my phone camera and my SLR camera ...

There you go.  I promised the guys I would re-run both Guilford Courthouse and Breed's Hill at some point in the near'ish future.  But first I'd like to get the Fords of Isen on the table and we also decided to all collectively take May the 4th off to play Star Wars (Hoth).