Sunday, October 20, 2013

Still alive ... progress coming soon ...

Hello all,

Just a quick update today for those who think I may have taken a long walk off a short pier.  The mid-September through November time frame for me gets a bit crazy at work so between that and the kids I've found myself neglecting my hobbies.  That being said, I've been assembling 4Ground buildings and have made some steady progress.  I hope to post up the completed buildings so far (started with the largest ones of course).

I also received my Pegasus Bridge boxed set from Warlord Games ... a box full of goodies that immediately triggered plans for a custom table on my part.  I have to do something with all that blue foam I have sitting around!

I also have the rest of my Napoleonic Prussian army all done.  All I have to do is finish basing several units then I'll post up pictures of that army.  I think I also owe pictures of my large French and Austrian armies for Napoleonic's as well ... unfortunately my camera took a bit of a spill and has not been working the same as it used to since (another reason for fewer posts) ... so I think I'll have to be purchasing a new camera soon.

I plan to post up step-by-step progress and pictures of my Pegasus Bridge table build.  I have a WW2 reenactment coming up, but straight after that (if not one night this week) I'll be starting into that build while picking away at my pile of 4Ground buildings in between.

I also have to say thank you to all of you who read the blog.  I passed 100 followers recently and I feel like that is a significant "blog milestone" - so really, thank you.  If you all didn't read this blog then I would have no reason to post anything.

So stay tuned, I'll buy a new camera and get back to posting very soon!

Best regards,