Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving & Middle Earth Game

Not a long post today.  Just want to say happy thanksgiving to those of you who are US based.  I'll be stuffing my face shortly.  I'm thankful or all the excellent wargaming that I've been able to play with excellent friends this year.

I ran another playtest of my Middle Earth Battles rules this past Tuesday.  I have some minor updates to make but overall the game was good.

Played an Isengard force against a Rohan force.  The terrain was a little restrictive in the center which led to some tough decisions for the Rohirrum.  A Uruk-hai scout unit ambushed from one of the forests to complicate things.

In the end Isengard came out victorious.
I did nap a few pictures from my SLR camera ...

There you have it.  Of course more to come over the next few weeks as I get in some good holiday gaming.  I hope you are all staying safe and healthy out there!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

AWI Guilford Courthouse Progress: Part 4

I now have enough crown forces finished to play Guilford Courthouse, however I still have some work to do in order to avoid substituting specific foot units.

British Legion cavalry join the fray.  Tarleton's Legion specifically for Guilford Courthouse.  This is a large unit (6 bases), standard cavalry is 4 bases.

Hessian Jagers ready for action at Guilford Courthouse and several other battles.

The 5th foot below, another unit for Breed's Hill.

The 52nd foot below, which will be used for my Breed's Hill game.

I'm waiting on the flags from GMB for the 23rd and 33rd foot, which are specific units I need for Guilford Courthouse.

Here is the lot of crown forces completed so far, this is a little less than 1/3 of my troops for the British/Hessians.  This represents the full order of battle for the crown forces for Guilford Courthouse.

Will shift over to getting some American units done now.

Friday, November 20, 2020

AWI Guilford Courthouse Progress: Part 3

Another quick update today as the march towards Guilford Courthouse (and Breed's Hill) continues. More crown forces join the fray. All 28mm Perry Miniatures.

British artillery. Used a Bavarian cornflower blue (Foundry paints) on the guns here ... a little darker than I wanted, but I'm still happy with it.

I have a command stand for my British grenadiers so that when I take the grenadier companies out of the foot regiments I can form a nice converged grenadier unit with a command stand.

Two pictures here of the 38th foot.  This unit is primarily for Breed's Hill and not Guilford Courthouse, but I will need to sub in two units to cover the guard units so I'll be reusing some units from Breed's Hill for Guilford Courthouse.

Two pictures here of the 43rd foot. Likewise, this unit is primarily for Breed's Hill and not Guilford Courthouse, but I will need to sub in two units to cover the guard units so I'll be reusing some units from Breed's Hill for Guilford Courthouse.

No battle is complete without casualties!  British, American (both continental and militia) and Hessian casualties below.

I'm still trucking along ... two more British foot units coming up very soon ... along with some British Legion cavalry and Hessian Jagers.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

AWI Guilford Courthouse Progress: Part 2

Just a quick post today.

Incremental progress as I switch back-and-forth between AWI and LOTR work.  I've made a little more progress on the crown forces for Guilford Courthouse.

First up is the Hessian regiment Von Bose.

In the same brigade with the Von Bose regiment is the 71th Highlanders.

I'm really happy with both units (28mm Perry Miniatures).  I'm continuing my progress on the crown forces with more British foot units forthcoming.  I also have to paint up some artillery which I hope to do soon.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Middle Earth Battles: Basing Progress

Don't recall if I shared this part --- I received my customer markers for the game.  I'll be getting some more, but for now they cover Rohan, Gondor, Isengard and Mordor.  Each marker is double-sided and tracks from 1-10 and 11-20.  These are from the very excellent Historique shop.

I've made good progress on getting my Isengard army onto the bases for Middle Earth Battles.  Still lots more to do.  Man I hate metal Wargs ... they are the worst (heavy model + 1 paw contacting the base).  The combination of super glue and Testors plastic cement continues to be excellent at securing the models to the bases.

His excellency Mr. Dake of the Steve has absolutely blown through painting a bunch of Uruk-hai troops and sent me a "first wave" which I jumped on basing.  I have also rebased some of the units I had painted earlier.

I still have many units to do (more warriors, pikes, scouts, siege troops, feral Uruk-hai, etc.).  Also, the most excellent Steve Dake is hard at work on the Dunlending units :-)

Managed to stick the fellowship on a base as well ...

Here is some crappy pictures of the growing horde ...

That's it for now - still alternating between LOTR and AWI basing.