Saturday, July 30, 2022

Orklands Refueled: Ork Waaagh Rig

Just a quick post today.  If you recall I play a variant of Gaslands Refueled but Orkified (inspired by Adam Clark).  This is normally a racing around a track game, but I have a plan to run a game where it is about a team escorting the Waaagh Rig down a treacherous road while another team or two attempt to sieze the Waaagh Rig.  Still somewhat a race, as the Waaagh Rig team is trying to get the Waaagh Rig to the end of a track to "safety" ... doesn't matter much so long as it is a bloodbath :-)

I plan to playtest this scenario at PacifiCon in September if all goes well.

Anyways, here is the Waaagh Rig in all its glory ...
Lot's of details ... should be a fun game!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Dragon Emperor of Rhûn (and some Mordor)

Bohdan continues to churn out absolutely stunning models for my collection.  He finished the Dragon Emperor of Rhûn that will add to my Easterling army.  This guy will be accompanied by 24 Dragon Warriors to form an infantry block with the Dragon Emperor in the center.

From the Forge World website:

"There are few, if any, who know the true identity of the Dragon Emperor – his past is shrouded in mystery, and those who speak too openly of him often vanish. In truth, the Dragon Emperor is the greatest of all the Easterlings, ruling the lands and people of Rhûn with an iron fist. It was under the Dragon Emperor's command that Amdûr founded the Order of the Black Dragons, a warrior cult dedicated to their liege – their sole purpose to carry out his will. When Sauron commanded that the Easterlings wage war upon the north, the Dragon Emperor himself led them into battle standing upon his Royal Palanquin. From atop this mighty structure he wields an exquisite glaive, and it is said that he has never once been bested in a duel."

In addition to this, Bohdan has completed another wave for my Mordor army that includes the Black Guard of Barad-dûr, Mordor War Catapults, and the Witch King (foot and mounted) ...

Looking forward to getting these models on thier final bases.  More crucially, I'll be using these guys for my War of the Ring game I'm hosting at the PacifiCon Game Expo in September.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

War of the Ring: Harad and Mordor

My Harad army still has much to be painted, but a good portion of it is done.  Below is Suladan - The Serpent Lord, 1 x 18 Harad Raiders, 1 x 18 Mahud Raiders, 18 x Mahûd Warriors (need to add another 18), and finally 5 x War Mûmak.

Harad units painted by the magnificent Steve Dake.

Below are the 5 x War Mûmak of Harad ... 2 pictures of each at different angles because they are so large.

And some Mordor units also join the pile of finished units ... this group includes 3 x 36 Morannon Orcs and 6 x Trolls.

Trolls ... I wanted a different and varying look to the trolls versus a group of identical looking models (well, the pose is limited, but at least from a painting perspective) ...

Nearing the end of the painted stuff ... another large group of Mordor units will be done soon.  This "basing push" has been long overdue and it is nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel on this one.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

War of the Ring: Easterlings

Easterlings!  Perhaps more shocking is that Bohdan did not paint these guys.  They've been done for a while (a long while) and just waiting to be based.  Happy to finally get them all on bases, especially since I'll be using these guys for my Cair Andros battle.

Below is 2 x 18 archers, 2 x 36 warriors, 1 x 18 Kataphracts, and Amdur - Lord of Blades.  Not too bad to start.  I will get some additional units done in the future but this will do for now.

Pictures below using my phone ...

I also have a goodly number of Easterling dice from Games Workshop.

Now back to basing ... got a good start into Mordor - more on that soon.  Getting near the end of the basing ... just Mordor and Harad to finish.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

War of the Ring: More Gondor

The basing train continues to choo choo along.  More work from Bohdan M ... I clearly keep him busy working on LOTR stuff!
This time it is 3 x 36 figure Minas Tirith Warrior units, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Elladan and Elrohir (Elrond's son's).
Pictures below using my phone.

I'm moving on to Mordor units now ...