Sunday, July 10, 2022

War of the Ring: Gondor

Some more progress today, this time units for my Gondor army.  Once again, these have been done by the talented Bohdan M.  Still have lots to base but the ACME basing factory is grinding along.

Here we have a unit of Ithilien Rangers (18), Gondor Rangers (18), Captian Faramir in Ranger gear, 3 units of Minas Tirith Archers (18 each), and 2 units of Bolt Throwers (2 each).

Pictures once again using my phone and some hastily laid out plasticard on the painting mat ...

Lots more to come!


  1. Beautiful looking units and figures 👍

  2. Wonderful Gondor showcase Jay. Are you cutting the slots off the figures and simply gluing onto the mdf from there?

    1. Removing the slot base ... cleaning up the feet, then glue straight onto the base.

    2. No problemo. Not too bad for the plastic guys, metal is a little for challenging. I use a little dab of sticky tack on one foot to help with gluing in place.

  3. More Middle Earth eye candy, Jay!