Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Bolt Action - Star Wars (Legion) - Beta Rules

Calling these "beta" as we have limited testing done with them - but here you go - a Bolt Action modification meant to replace the core Star Wars Legion rules (which I dislike).  This was a collaborative effort with Dan Kerrick - who is our resident Star Wars guy in the group.

Without further delay, you can download the QRS style rules here.

NOTE:  I've posted a major overhaul to the rules and the army lists here:

I still have some "graphical" stuff to add ... but the core of the rules are there.  Army lists to follow in another post shortly --- this should be enough to get you started.

Pictures below of the sheets.

Note:  I have no affiliation to either Fantasy Flight Games or Warlord Games - these rules are simply done for my own club/enjoyment - I share them with the community only should others be interested in leveraging them for their own games.  While I do make updates and share with the community, I'm under no obligation to service requests from other individuals.

I recommend buying a copy of the Bolt Action 2nd edition rules as while this sheet is fairly comprehensive, if you are unfamiliar with Bolt Action or don't have the rules you will be missed the backing information for how to play.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Battle of Scarif - Star Wars Battle Report

Got together today with Dan Kerrick, Roy Scaife and Matt Hilzendrager to play test Dan's Battle of Scarif game.  While this is still a bit of a work in progress ... the majority of the stuff is done and Dan has brought together an excellent game here.  Dan will be running this game a DundraCon in February.  We'll see this again for another play test.

Not being very happy with the Star Wars Legion rules we've taken the tried and true approach of modifying Bolt Action to work for Star Wars - using the Legion rules/unit stats as inspiration for the adaptation.  More on this in a future post ... but in short, this worked really well for this game.

The rebels start with two identical groups that start off on each of the two small islands.  Each group has 2 infantry sections (7 figures each) and a single RT walker.  An additional RT walker comes in at the end of turn 3.  The rebels also get air support from Blue Squadron each turn.

The Imperial forces start on the large islands.  Each force has 2 sections with 8 miniatures each.  Reinforcements arrive via the bunker on each large island.  From each bunker (1 on each large island) 2 additional sections with 6 figure each arrive.  Imperial infantry units recycle from the bunker the turn after they are destroyed.  At the end of turn 3 an AT-ACT arrives and moves diagonally across the table.  It provides additional jump off points for recycled units as well as fire support from the super-heavy laser cannons mounted on the head of the walker.

The game went well ... with the edge going to the Imperial forces near the end.  We took tons of notes to update the rules and modify the scenario but we all had a blast(er)!

TONS of pictures below ...

I pulled out my nice camera and zoom lens and went to work!  Lots of close up shots below ...

Phone pictures below ...