Sunday, July 25, 2021

War of the Ring: Update #3

War of the Ring troops continue to come off the painting line.  This batch is from the talented Bohdan Mykhaylyk.  Basing continues for the Gondor forces.

The Grey Company joins the roster with Halbarad carrying the banner of the king, the son's of Elrond - Elladan and Elrohir.  This group will be joined by Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli to round it out for the Pelennor Fields.

Last but not least is the captain of the white tower himself, Boromir.

Very happy with the results here.  Next two units coming up are a 36 figure unit of Men-at-Arms of Dol Amroth and a 36 figure unit of Blackroot Vale archers.

Friday, July 16, 2021

War of the Ring Update

I recently completely finished both my Isengard and Rohan armies for WotR.  More on that in a separate post that is forthcoming.

Preparations for Cair Andros are in full swing.  I've started basing the Gondor forces.  The Clansmen of Lamedon and Axemen of Lossarnach are painted and getting on bases now.  I have a large pile of Minas tirith warriors and knights also ready for basing.  A few quick pics below of tge painted units ... with custom banners ...

I've played some more WotR games at my place.  Retreated inside from the garage for this last one to enjoy my AC as we had an extreme heat warning on the day we played.

I'm making some additional tweaks to tge rules and army lists based on these recent games, but overall we are having a great time playing WotR.

I do need to try out having some wizards in the games and see how magic influences the battles.  Likewise for some of the nastier units in the game, like Ringwraiths, but all in good time.

I only snapped a few pictures using my phone ...

As always, lots going on as I continue to prep for the big game weekend in September.

WW2 Canadian Armour

My WW2 Canadian armour is finished, painted by the excellent Erik (Bud) Sims.  This all goes for my Normandie project with tge Canadians fighting against the 12th SS and 21st Panzer.

In addition to the Canadian stuff, the last of my German stuff is also done ...

So all the vehicles are done now.  I'm selling off most my old armour for the Germans.  The last part of this project is to get the reinforce platoon sized formations painted up for the SS and Canadians.