Friday, June 22, 2018

1/300 Scale Napoleonic Naval?

Why would anyone do 1/300 scale Napoleonic naval?  Why, because it is big and awesome looking!  Frankly, I've tried to do the 1/1200 ships ... I really have ... to small and dinky for my liking!


Adam Clark made his way out to join me and the group at KublaCon.  There he planted an idea - to do the Battle of Trafalgar --- in 1/300 scale!  That idea has festered into a full blown project.

Roy and myself essentially have ordered all the ships at this point (they arrive Monday).  We are using the hulls from Old Glory and 3D printed sail sets (so we don't have to use the metal sets that come with the ships - makes things far easier and actually much more durable).  We are using deck guns for the top decks from Langton Miniatures.

Roy has all the British ships and I have all the French/Spanish ships.  In total we'll be fielding about 70 ships all together (every ship present > frigates and larger).

I've also developed my own fast-play set of naval rules that are promising.  Need to play test them a bit at the moment but mostly solid I think.  I'm using my 1/1200 ships from Sails of Glory at the moment to test those rules.

I'll be using the Volleyfire LED lights from Warlord Games --- turning them sideways, spraying white ... they are just the perfect length to use for LED broadsides!  I think the LED flickering tea lights will do well for fires onboard ships as well ... this looks promising!

Adam of course already has some ships with him over in Sweden.  He shared the pictures below with me ... all 1/300th scale ... using the 3D printed mast/sail sets.

More to come on this front.