Monday, October 20, 2014

More German Vehicles

"I ain't locking horns with no tigers!" - Oddball (Kelly's Heroes)

I just realized that I have some more vehicles that I never posted up ... some heavies here (Jagdtiger and Tiger II) ... along with some lighter stuff to balance it out ...

Sd.Kfz.186 Jagdtiger.


Tiger II.

Marder III M.

Panzer III

Ok ... that's it for now.

Roy Scaife's US Army and Airborne

Ok ... I found enough time this evening to take the pictures of Roy's US Army and Airborne troops.  Roy's in the process of basing his US Marines ... I hope to get pictures of those when he is done.

105mm howitzer.

Bazooka team, light mortar team and medic.

Spotter and Officer with rifleman.
1st section.

2nd section.

HMG team and light mortar team.

Two bazooka teams and officer.

1st section.

2nd section.

3rd section.

4th section.

Not the best pictures I've taken ... but you get the jist of it.

28mm WW2 Vehicles for Bolt Action

Hello all,

Thought I would take some time to post up pictures of several new vehicles that joined the local Bolt Action forces here in Fremont :-)  Work has been continuing to be crazy ... but there is light at the end of the tunnel after some travel.  This time of year (Sept thru Nov) is always tough on the hobby progress.

First up - my British vehicles --- still more to do --- adding some light transport vehicles and two additional Sherman V tanks ... but for now ...

Recce section.

Recce section (rear view).

First tank section.

Second tank section - need to add another Sherman V.

Half-tracks for armoured transport.  They'll soon be
joined by some bren gun carriers.

Next I have vehicles from the collection of Roy Scaife who has a large US army (covering Army, Airborne and Marines) ... pictures of his foot troops are forthcoming ...

Soft skinned transport.

Recce and light support.

Armoured transport.

Tank destroyer.

Armoured section.

For our Pacific games ... hopefully my Japanese
will be done this coming year.

And lastly for this post --- Roy has started his German forces with a significant vehicle investment --- troops (SS and Heer) to follow soon.


Recce - another angle.

Assault guns ... nasty buggers!

Armoured transport.

Panzer IV's.

Panzer V.

Half-tracks on the move ...

That's all for the moment --- I'll be taking some pictures of Roy's foot troops here soon and will post them up this week if all goes to plan.  In other news ... more ACW is coming ... 5 x Confederate units that Roy has done - and 5 x Union Iron Brigade right on their heels.  My DAK army should be done next month and will be the start of my forces for the North Africa theatre of operation ... so stay tuned!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

28mm Bedford QLD Lorry

Hello all,

Work has continued to keep me very busy, however I have been make progress.  I'll have a new set of British and German WW2 vehicles done shortly to show off and Roy Scaife dropped off his Bolt Action US army for me to take pictures of so I can do a post on them.

I've been wanting to have proper lorries for my British army - specifically the Bedford QLD - but there are no 28mm models of this vehicle anywhere out there.  Also Adam Clark turned me on to a 3D modeler and the website --- they have all sorts of cool 3D printed stuff for sale there!  I paid to have the 3D model created for the vehicle ... and here is the result ...

Credit: Pavan Ganti

Credit: Pavan Ganti

Credit: Pavan Ganti

I think it came out great.  I asked that the canopy be removable and so that can be bought separately from the main truck.  I've ordered eight of them and look forward to seeing the finished product.

For those of you who are interested in purchasing these vehicles for your own collections (I get no money from this, just so you all know) ...

The Bedford QLD in 1:56 scale (28mm) can be purchased at this link:
The canopy for the vehicle can be purchased here:

More to come soon!