Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Rebels and Patriots: French and Indian War Game

This past weekend we headed over to Dan Kerricks place for a FIW game using the Rebels and Patriots rules from Osprey.  I played on the French side, running a few units of regulars, some marines, and a unit of natives.

The scenario was a meeting engagement with both sides needing to secure the two bridges over the river.  For once my dice actually rolled average!  I managed to take the bridge on my side of the table (right side, away from the village) and send the British packing.  Things were more even on the left flank, but once I broke through the result was a foregone conclusion.  French victory.

I was embroiled in the action and only got pictures really at the start of the game.  The rules are decent and we played fhrough the whole afair in about 3 hours.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Test of Honour: Ashigaru Scouts Nearing Completion

Just one more group of three scouts left to do and I'll have my 24 point warband completed.  I added a banner bearer (waiting on decal paper to arrive so I can add the Japanese characters to it), Samurai companion, and a group of fire archers.  The warband is filling out nicely now.

I'm very happy with how the fire came out.

Hoping to have this all wrapped up by the end of the week.  I need to assemble some stuff to send off to Steve Dake which will delay me a bit.  I had shipped some stuff but it has become lost in the USPS system ... they are searching for it but my hope is near zero that they will find the package.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Test of Honour: Ashigaru Scouts Progress

Managed to knock out two more Ashigaru scouts.  One reading a scroll and another running.  These two are additional followers for the warband.  Each warband must have 1 hero and can have up to two companions.  Rest must be followers.

I have another group of three warriors to do, then one group of archers, a Samurai companion, and banner bearer.  All together that will give me my 24 point force.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Test of Honour: Samurai Shrine

A short update today.  Painting continues, hopefully some more painted Samurai pictures by Monday.

I took a short break from painting to work on some buildings.  I'm missing a couple of parts for two buildings (waiting on those to show up).  Buildings are from 4Ground and Things From The Basement.

Sad news about 4Ground closing.  They really pioneered the pre-painted MDF market.  I've put in some final orders.  Trying to figure out if I need anything else from them.

Anyways, I did finish a samurai shrine, pictures below.

This is a great little kit.  Easy assembly and painting.

Monday, March 7, 2022

Battle Report: The Alamo

The excellent Nick Stern offered to bring and host his 54mm Alamo game over to my place to run for the group.  That is an offer one can't refuse!  Nick is a great guy and I look forward to seeing him on a regular basis at our games.

54mm ... yes, these are some big models!  We used my 6 foot by 8 foot table which was only a slight challenge ...

The game plays over three "waves" of Mexican troops.  Three columns of 28 figures for each of the 4 sides of the Alamo start 30" away from the wall.  Each column advances 3D6" per turn.  Once a Mexican column reaches a wall, a ladder goes up and they can start feeding troops up the ladder.  Each column can shoot 1D6, needing a 6 to hit. 

We placed each Mexican column on the table where they the player wanted them to approach and used D6's to mark how far away (subtracting from 30") the column was from the wall.  Since casualties are removed from the front of the column (to slow its advance), for each 4 casualties (column was 4 figures wide), we added 2" to the distance the column was at.

Meanwhile, the defenders get 1D6 per model - needing 4+ to score a  hit.  If you are firing a hero or sharpshooter, the score is 3+ to hit.  There are a mix guns in the fort.  1 heavy, a few medium, and some light guns.  Heavy guns inflict 3D6 hits in wave 1, 2D6 in wave 2, and 1D6 in wave 3.  Medium do 2D6 hits in wave 1 and 1D6 hits in wave 2 and 3.  Light guns do 1D6 hits in each wave.  Mexican columns cannot be hit by artillery once they are within 12" of the wall.

While the Texan's can't achieve "victory" - the "forth wave" always wins ... if they are still alive/holding the fort at the end of the third wave it is considered a Texan victory.

Nick mentioned that the Mexicans had never failed to take the fort by the end of the third wave in previous times he had run it.  However, mostly thanks to the incredibly lucky dice of Dan Kerrick, the Texans held out!  Dan and I ran the Texans (I wasn't much help, 4+ is a lot to ask!).  Nick, Wyn, Roy and Adrian ran the Mexicans, each taking one of the sides of the fort.

This game was a lot of fun - very straight forward rules we all picked up quickly and it played very well.  Pictures below.

A great way to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon.