Saturday, March 12, 2022

Test of Honour: Samurai Shrine

A short update today.  Painting continues, hopefully some more painted Samurai pictures by Monday.

I took a short break from painting to work on some buildings.  I'm missing a couple of parts for two buildings (waiting on those to show up).  Buildings are from 4Ground and Things From The Basement.

Sad news about 4Ground closing.  They really pioneered the pre-painted MDF market.  I've put in some final orders.  Trying to figure out if I need anything else from them.

Anyways, I did finish a samurai shrine, pictures below.

This is a great little kit.  Easy assembly and painting.


  1. Lovely looking piece of terrain!

  2. That's a nice little kit Jay - you can definitely see the difference between Jorge's TFTB designs and the 4Ground ones. Jorge's Gettysburg buildings are really nice too.
    I was incredibly disappointed with the 4Ground news too, I still think that disaster of a Kickstarter was the beginning of the end for them. It'll be interesting to see if someone else steps in to fill that pre-painted MDF void that will now be out there.

    1. Agree, I think they just way over extended themselves. Stick to the core business and what you do well. I think we'll hopefully see someone pick up the range ... so much great IP there.