Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all my followers around the world!  Wow, 2020 - I wish you all the very best for this next year and beyond.  While my blogging and slowed down my projects and gaming have not.  This past year saw some great gaming on the tabletop - Hoth/Assult on Echo Base (Star Wars), Quatre Bras (Napoleonic), Charge of the Mumaks (LOTR), Toulon Harbor (1:300 Napoleonic naval), ACW games, new rules (Star Wars Bolt Action) and rules updates/refinements.  Wow.  Crazy when I think back about it all.  Much more to come in 2020 so stay tuned.

Dan Kerrick hosted a modern game this last weekend.  We've been playing some games and I've been derelict in my posting battle reports - primarily because this time of year is just crazy, and a little extra so because the Vicksburg project is a lot of work.

Some pictures of that game below.  I played Russians - it was a meeting engagement.  My dice were on fire for once.  Everyone had a great time.

I also hosted a game of Dead Man's Hand a couple of weeks ago ... always a great game.

Looking forward to 2020 and all the games coming to the tabletop!

Project: Siege of Vicksburg Update #4

Hello everyone - another quick project update today.  Everything that I need has now arrived which means I can see how things fit together and really start making progress on the terrain elements.

I was able to mock up the table - pictures below ... need to cut the foam for the ridge/hill.

I've also started basing the first waves of new units.  More to come but at least things are getting on bases now.  I was also able to finish off the ships with flags and the guns.

I thought long about the observation balloon.  I have a large (long) vice grip that I combined with some PVA piping.  This created a harness that I could hang the balloon from.  This is also very easy to store.  I used fishing line to hang the balloon.

I've started assembly of the siege guns for both sides.  The TA Miniatures guns are excellent - very impressive models!

So progress on multiple fronts.  The holidays are a blessing and a curse for projects ... I get some time to work on them but I have to clean up multiple times as we host dinners/parties.