Sunday, December 2, 2018

ACW McPherson's Ridge AAR

As I mentioned yesterday, I hosted an ACW game today using This Hallowed Ground.  Roy Scaife and Adrian Turner joined me for a fun filled day of gaming and cursing our dice!

We (re)fought my McPherson's Ridge scenario that covers the first day of Gettysburg - specifically around the holding action by Buford's cavalry against increasingly overwhelming odds and the subsequent arrival of elements of 1st Corps to attempt to hold good ground around the town of Gettysburg.

Scenario link:

Seminary College - a great model
and backdrop for this battle

This is a tough scenario for both sides.  Buford starts with 3 cavalry units and a battery of guns deployed to hold off a massive wave of Confederate units.  The Confederates start with elements from 2 brigades on the table, but this quickly increases to 3 full strength brigades - which makes it a tough decision for Buford.  Potentially sacrifice the entire Union cavalry brigade to hold up the Confederate advance, or fire a couple of turns and get the heck out of dodge?  I held a turn to long and it cost me dearly.  While the majority of the brigade ending up retiring, Roy was able to bring down effective fire on the withdrawing units, which had been badly mauled by melee with Confederate infantry units.  The result, the withdrawing units broke - this hit me later in the game.

The Iron Brigade did well ... attacking down the left Union flank and throwing the advancing Confederate units into a defensive action.  Unfortunately, Cutler and Rawley's brigades took a beating from the Confederate artillery.  Then, the first 1-2 waves of Confederates to attack took a heavy toll of both brigades, and unfortunately the 3rd wave of Confederates threw them back.

Net result, Confederates take the day - both sides suffer high casualties - and much to the historical outcome, the Union army withdraws outside of the town of Gettysburg.

Buford's Cavalry holding against the wave of
Confederate units ...

It was a great day of gaming.  A lot going on for three players but we managed.  Tons of pictures below of the action ... first the fancy camera ... then the crappy phone pictures ...

Pictures using my phone below ...

That's all for now ... but more to come :-)