Monday, April 8, 2019

General Update - Lots Happening!

Hey there folks!  Figured I would share a general update since there is a ton of stuff going on and coming over the next few months.

So ... what's happening?

3D Printing

Having tried several 3D printers now - not without doing research but knowing a hell of a lot more now about not only 3D printing in general, but 3D printing for wargaming specifically - I've finally found my "one true love" 3D printer ...

The Prusa I3 MK3S.  Honestly, this shouldn't be all the shocking to anyone in the know.

Prusa I3 MK3S

This thing purrs like a kitten and hums along creating magical prints of exceptional quality and with minimal up front effort.  I started with a FlashForge Creator Pro.  Honestly, not a bad printer.  Print quality was very good.  The main drawbacks being bed leveling, keeping the bed level, leveling the bed ... you get the idea.  It was a great learning printer.  The Replicator+ was more costly but was the least suited for printing for wargaming/miniatures.  It was a very convenient printer - being able to send files over my network and monitoring jobs remotely via a built-in camera, but the quality wasn't there - and most significantly, it was missing a heated bed.  Makerbot isn't a bad company, they're just focused on the education sector - which isn't what I need.

So ... the Prusa I3 Mk3S ... this gets my HIGHEST recommendation possible.

KublaCon 2019 - May

KublaCon is going to be a fun time this year.  We have a number of games lined up ... including an expanded version of my Charge of the Mumaks game:
  • Friday, 1PM --- Roy Scaife --- Battle at Roncevaux Pass (28mm Napoleonic)
  • Saturday, 9AM  --- Dan Kerrick --- Battle for Endor (Star Wars Bolt Action)
  • Saturday, 4PM --- Jay White --- Charge of the Mumaks (Lord of the Rings SBG)
  • Sunday, 10AM --- Jay White/Adam Clark --- Toulon Harbour (1:300 Napoleonic Naval)
In addition to the above, lots of board games will be broken out.  Speaking of 1:300 Napoleonic ships ... I've teamed up with Adam Clark and Roy Scaife for the Toulon Harbour game noted above.  We'll have at least 32 ships out for this one ... maybe a few more (as we continue to build the collection).  Adam Clark has laser cut and painted up an AWESOME looking shore battery for the French ...

1:300 (6mm) French Shore Battery
by Adam Clark

1:300 (6mm) French Shore Battery
by Adam Clark

1:300 (6mm) French Shore Battery
by Adam Clark

It looks spectacular ... really looking forward to this game.

Lord of the Rings SBG

Lots more coming to the tabletop here ... I have a large expansion to my Haradrim and Far Harad forces ... as well as a 3D printing Minas Tirith model from Coastal Creations ...

Minas Tirith ... oh yeah!

The main gate ...

Opens and closes.

Lots of cleanup to do here ... but a great model that will work fantastically for my games.

Battle of Hoth

Yup, I couldn't resist the power of the Hoth side.  Actually, while Dan Kerrick has Star Wars (Legion) well at hand ... I've decided to take on the Winter themed stuff.  John Lantz has opted to take on the Clone Wars as well so we have all the bases covered.  Gotta love it!  Dan is busy working on the Battle of Endor (ready for KublaCon) ... 

Battle of Hoth
Scenario Map

Yup, it's been done before ... I know ... but I WANTS IT!  There will be a more detailed post on this scenario and how I'm addressing various things ... but some teaser stuff below ...

Shipment #1 from Miniature Market ... more to come :-)

I'm 3D printing the AT-AT model ... well --- THREE AT-AT models ... from Gambody ...

A great model ... picture from Gambody.

Printing requires the maximum use of supports,
here are the legs printing - need to do it vertically
so that both interior and exterior leg details is best.
You can see the massive support material (pulls off)
around the legs ... the legs are only visible in the center
of each pillar ... this is a 60 hour print job.

As you can see, print quality for the Prusa is exceptional.  This project is not for the feint of heart though ...

I've been printing the first AT-AT since Thursday evening,
I figure about 1 week (and a day maybe) for each AT-AT.
Here you can see some of the completed components.

My AT-STs and T-47 Air Speeders are "in progress" ... just need the troops to get on the paint table ... and for Fantasy Flight to release the Rebel "veterans" so I can fill out the good guy forces rebel scum.

Pew-pew to victory!


I've got my Borodino mat done now.  Once again the talented David Skibicki has produced a great set of mats.  I'll need to redo the river though ... not a big deal ... it looks great!

I've also picked up some Russian buildings from Hovel's and the massive church from Grand Manner.

Borodino Church
Grand Manner

Russian Buildings

My Russian forces are still in progress ... getting there.  Que the ACME factory music ... basing is making progress ... this is only a small fraction of the Russian forces in play ...

More to come here as progress is made.

The Alamo

Not for the near term ... but I managed to pick up this excellent Alamo model at a local flea market and plan to make use of it sometime in the next year or so.  There are some outstanding miniatures available for this game ... 

28mm Alamo

New Game Table

Last but not least is my new game table from Table of Ultimate Gaming ... which I had already mentioned in a previous post.  This table is awesome.  Just waiting for my dice tray attachments to show up.

And there you have it ... lots happening.