Saturday, December 1, 2018

ACW Game Tomorrow

Hosting a game tomorrow for ACW - running my McPherson's Ridge scenario using the updated rules for This Hallowed Ground (v3.0). 

Snapped some pictures while setting up the game and figured I would share. 

Battle report to follow.

I recently had some new lighting put in above my table area to light things up better ... which has helped me take nicer pictures with my great Canon DSLR using the zoom lens.

Pictures below ...

Kepi ready ... dice (never) ready ... onward to victory!


  1. Looks great Jay! Can't wait to see the AAR 🙂 How many guys are coming are coming over?

  2. So lovely pictures!😊
    Terrain is perfect!

  3. Nice looking game and terrain - I am just starting 28mm ACW again by rebasing all my Brother Against Brother for RRTF and F&F. Whilst looking at your downloads I checked out the M&T playsheet ( I use M&T for King Philips War) and the Spotting chart has always been difficult to explain/use. I like your idea of a die roll.

    1. Excellent! Yes, after playing a lot of M&T we made some minor changes for playability as we tend to play larger games. Glad you found it useful :-)

  4. These look excellent. Hope the game goes well.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Stew ... gotta get you over here some day for a game :-)

  6. Wow! What a beautiful game setup!

  7. Great looking set up, again. Hope you enjoyed the game.