Saturday, July 23, 2022

War of the Ring: Easterlings

Easterlings!  Perhaps more shocking is that Bohdan did not paint these guys.  They've been done for a while (a long while) and just waiting to be based.  Happy to finally get them all on bases, especially since I'll be using these guys for my Cair Andros battle.

Below is 2 x 18 archers, 2 x 36 warriors, 1 x 18 Kataphracts, and Amdur - Lord of Blades.  Not too bad to start.  I will get some additional units done in the future but this will do for now.

Pictures below using my phone ...

I also have a goodly number of Easterling dice from Games Workshop.

Now back to basing ... got a good start into Mordor - more on that soon.  Getting near the end of the basing ... just Mordor and Harad to finish.


  1. Please note inhaling basing flock and Elmer's Glue is potentially harmful to your nostrils, Jay brutha. Close up hobby work also makes you need glasses.Have a care, mon!

    1. Lol!! All sand'n tufts for these guys :-) Glasses ... check ... glasses combined with magnifying glass ... check. I'm buying GW washes in bulk ... lol

    2. Figured you had a container truck stop by weekly to fill up the underground tank, lol

    3. Lol, it would be cheaper! :-)

  2. Very nice Jay. Looking forward to giving your rules a run soon.

  3. Fantastic! The Katatphract drummer- is he part of the plastic box set?