Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Dragon Emperor of Rhûn (and some Mordor)

Bohdan continues to churn out absolutely stunning models for my collection.  He finished the Dragon Emperor of Rhûn that will add to my Easterling army.  This guy will be accompanied by 24 Dragon Warriors to form an infantry block with the Dragon Emperor in the center.

From the Forge World website:

"There are few, if any, who know the true identity of the Dragon Emperor – his past is shrouded in mystery, and those who speak too openly of him often vanish. In truth, the Dragon Emperor is the greatest of all the Easterlings, ruling the lands and people of Rhûn with an iron fist. It was under the Dragon Emperor's command that Amdûr founded the Order of the Black Dragons, a warrior cult dedicated to their liege – their sole purpose to carry out his will. When Sauron commanded that the Easterlings wage war upon the north, the Dragon Emperor himself led them into battle standing upon his Royal Palanquin. From atop this mighty structure he wields an exquisite glaive, and it is said that he has never once been bested in a duel."

In addition to this, Bohdan has completed another wave for my Mordor army that includes the Black Guard of Barad-dûr, Mordor War Catapults, and the Witch King (foot and mounted) ...

Looking forward to getting these models on thier final bases.  More crucially, I'll be using these guys for my War of the Ring game I'm hosting at the PacifiCon Game Expo in September.


  1. Wow these are wicked cool. I like the reds used in the vignette for the Easterling Dragon Emperor


    1. Yeah, the model is impressive enough, but that red, the banner, the "crew" ...

  2. All these figures look great, but the command base in the first few images is fantastic

    1. Agree, that Dragon Emperor is an impressive model.