Saturday, July 30, 2022

Orklands Refueled: Ork Waaagh Rig

Just a quick post today.  If you recall I play a variant of Gaslands Refueled but Orkified (inspired by Adam Clark).  This is normally a racing around a track game, but I have a plan to run a game where it is about a team escorting the Waaagh Rig down a treacherous road while another team or two attempt to sieze the Waaagh Rig.  Still somewhat a race, as the Waaagh Rig team is trying to get the Waaagh Rig to the end of a track to "safety" ... doesn't matter much so long as it is a bloodbath :-)

I plan to playtest this scenario at PacifiCon in September if all goes well.

Anyways, here is the Waaagh Rig in all its glory ...
Lot's of details ... should be a fun game!