Thursday, October 12, 2017

Blood and Plunder - Spanish Faction

The next faction for Blood and Plunder is the Spanish.  This force consists of 26 miniatures total.  One Spanish commander and the special character Manuel Rivero de Pardal.  Two Lanceros units, a Marineros unit, two Milicianos units, and a Milicianos Indios unit round of the forces available.

Pictures below.

Painted By:  Artmaster Studio

Spanish Commander and
Special Character
Manuel Rivero de Pardal

Lanceros #1

Lanceros #2


Milicianos #1

Milicianos #2

Milicianos Indios


  1. Very nice! Seeing as you've got like 8 different projects going on at once, I have to ask about the fort, lol! How's that coming along?
    Oh, and Helm's Deep :)

    1. Lol!! The fort is all printed ... I just need to get it on the painting table. Gotta work through some Napoleonic flags and basing first though :-) Helm's Deep is in redesign mode ... thinking of switching to 3D printed for it ... another large project .. why do I do this to myself??!!