Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dead Man's Hand Project - Update #7: The End Is Nigh

Things are coming along on schedule for completion for CelestiCon (August 30 - September 2).  Today I finished up the town accessories - barrels, horse hitches, watering troffs, and some signage.  The barrels are from Micro Art Studio (resin) and come in three different sizes  They are unpainted so I spent some time getting some paint on them - then based them up on some 50mm round 2mm thick  MDF.

4Ground does the horse hitches, signs, and watering troffs.  Given the time I've been spending painting up the gangs and working on the town accessories, Roy Scaife has been working away at getting the last three buildings based on MDF and sanded.  I hoping that most, if not all of this is done tomorrow.  If that happens I can start in on the additional gangs.

Pictures below of the progress and completed town accessories.

The buildings are coming along, all sanded and
first coat of paint going down on the bases.

Town accessories.

Barrels ... lots of barrels.

Wanted men.

Water troff. 

Horse hitch.

Wanted board and directions.

A closer look at the barrels.


  1. great work this is going to be a fab game on a great looking table
    Peace James

    1. Thanks James! I'm looking forward to getting some good pictures of the final setup at the upcoming convention :-)

  2. Greate work Jay !!! Nothing like a deadline to work against, gets things done;)
    I hope you Will get a good gaming weekend and that you finnish up all you need during the week.
    Best regards Michael

    1. Thanks Michael -- I'm definitely going big for the weekend ... I've been stockpiling very good local IPA's in preparation :-) I always need a deadline to kick me in the butt ... or playing games ... that also motivates me to do things :-)

  3. All looking really good, should be a fantastic game at the Con. Like the barrels, I'm currently painting up some crates and sacks from Ainsty that also work well for DMH

    1. Thanks! Ainsty does some great stuff ... I have a bunch of accessories (yet to be painted) for my F&I village ... can't wait to get around to those one day.

  4. Very nice western stuff to battle in and around. Keep both hands on your pistols!