Wednesday, December 25, 2013

GameTime Quicky #1

Hello everyone! Just posted up a "quicky" update for GameTime. For all the people who are following my blog, thanks for joining me this past year. I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and have a great 2014! I certainly have lots of plans for this coming year around gaming. I just ran some Muskets & Tomahawks demos at a local game store (posting pictures/report in a separate post later today).

 You can view the Game:Time quicky update by clicking here or via the embedded video below.

Note: All of the Game:Time videos are filmed and uploaded in HD. YouTube does not generally default to HD unless you have it set to do so in your YouTube settings for playback. If you click the little cog in the lower right of the YouTube screen you can select 1080p (if you have a good internet connection) for a higher resolution.

I've been building 4Ground buildings and getting my Bolt Action stuff up and running. I've also very interested in playing through a couple of games of Chain of Command to compare and contrast the two "popular" WW2 platoon level rules. I'm also interested in the hybrid of the two (stealing the patrol phase from CoC for BA ...).

Looking back I've had a great year.  Although work has taken up a bunch of time in the 2-3 months, I've managed to get in a few games.  I ran a Wednesday night Descent campaign (16 games!) that concluded successfully just before Thanksgiving.  We'll likely start up again in the new year as we've had a lot of fun with that game.  I've been playing small games of Muskets & Tomahawks and some other games, but haven't been able to get blog posts done about them.

The next episode of Game:Time is very near completion and we'll be filming an episode on the Game of Thrones boardgame that will be fun as well.  Looking to do Muskets & Tomahawks for the next miniatures game episode ... so stay tuned!


  1. I would love to see a video of one of your M&T games. Loved those battle reports you did, would love to see the video version.

  2. Did I mention that I love your bar?!!!

    1. Lol ... thanks! It rounds out the man cave nicely :-)