Thursday, March 6, 2014

WW2 West Front Town Project Update #4

Now that I've got GameTime episode 3 out the door I'm back to my WW2 West Front project.  I've made some progress!  The hotel complex is now fully complete - all roofing tiles and touch up paint done - and I've managed to finish the paint and roofing for the police station.

Pictures below.  I can't say enough about how excellent the 4Ground roofing tiles are - they really take the buildings to the next level!

Hotel complex side A.

Hotel complex side B.

Hotel complex side C.

Hotel complex side D.

OOB you get a bit of a gap between the joints of the
two roof "directions" - the roofing tiles cleans up the
joint perfectly.

From the other side ...

Added some posters for extra detail.

Another small poster.

Back of the police station.

Front of the police station - changed the roof from
light grey/blue to black using the roofing tiles.

More to come soon!


  1. Very impressive builds Jay !

    The basing realy lift the buildings to a new levle !

    Best regards Michael

  2. Impressive stuff you've got there Jay! Can't wait to see the whole setup finished

    1. Thank you sir - I can't wait to see it either ;-)

  3. Nice additions! The table when finished will be spectacular. The extra effort with the roofs and cornerstones really pays off.