Sunday, August 16, 2015

Galleys, Guns & Glory AAR - Somewhere In The Mediterranean

Ahoy!  I was able to get in a game of Galleys, Guns & Glory today with Dan Kerrick.  I pulled out the majority of the fleets I have done for each side (and combination on my own painting and ships I commissioned with Thomas Foss).  I finished painting my Galleass recently and used it during this game in the center command for the Holy League fleet.  After sorting out the crew for each ship, laying down my sea mat and pulling out some dice it was off to battle.

Order Of Battle - Christian Fleet

  • Right Wing
    • 1 x Lanterna - Knights of Malta
    • 2 x Galley - Knights of Malta
  • Center
    • 1 x Galleass - Venetian
    • 2 x Galley - Venetian
    • 2 x Galley - Spanish
  • Left Wing
    • 2 x Galley - Venetian
    • 1 x Galley - Genoa
  • Reserve
    • 1 x Galley - Papal
    • 2 x Galliot - Knights of Malta
    • 1 x Galliot - Genoa

Order of Battle - Ottoman Empire

  • Right Wing
    • 2 x Galley
    • 3 x Galliot
  • Center
    • 1 x Lanterna
    • 4 x Galley
    • 2 x Galliot
  • Left Wing
    • 2 x Galley
    • 3 x Galliot
  • Reserve
    • 2 x Galley
    • 3 x Galliot

We played 5 turns.  On the Christian right wing the Turkish ships came on strong.  Firing was conducted primarily at long range with very limited effects.  The Knights of Malta proved their resiliency in melee as the Turkish ships first rammed then boarded the Maltese ships but were repelled.  By turn 4 the Turkish left wing had collapsed with all ships est ablaze!

The Christian left wing was a little touch and go due to effective fire from the closing Turkish ships, however the Venetian Lanterna made all the difference in bringing the flank under control and breaking the Turkish right wing, but at a cost of the Venetian and Genoa galleys.

The center was hard fought.  The Christian reserve angled for the gap between the center and right wings, but was met by flaming Venetian and Turkish galleys screening the flank of the advance of the Turkish center.  The Galleass was lucky enough to close with the nearest Turkish galleys and unleash several volleys due to good rolling on the reloads.  Unfortunately the central Turkish galleys were able to ram and board the two Venetian galleys and set them ablaze.  Both Spanish galleys from the center were reduced to their last crew.  The Turkish galleys all angled towards the Venetian Galleass, which by the end of the game was about to be boarded by superior numbers.  Unfortunately due to burning wrecks the Christian reserve wing would not arrive in time to do much to support the deteriorating situation in the center.

That all being said, at the end of the day the Turkish left and right wings were routed and there was enough left over in the Christian center to hold until the left and right Christian wings could sweep the Turkish flanks.  At the end of turn 5 we called it a Christian victory.

Lots of pictures below of the action ...

My newly painted Venetian Galleass ready for action.

Christian fleet deployment.

Turkish fleet deployment.

Dan activating his central fleet group.

Knights of Malta ready to avenge the loss of their
post-Crusades home island!

Turkish left wing is repelled
by the Knights of Malta.

The Venetian Galleass is faced with overwhelming odds
as the Turkish center and reserve wings close
with burning ships screening their flanks.

The battle becomes a mash of
ships and boarding actions.

The moments before the Turkish left wing
crashes into the Christian right wing.

The Venetian Lanterna on the left wing crashes
into the last remaining galley on the Turkish right.

The Galleass is isolated from support and about to be
boarded by superior numbers!

A great game overall.  I know Thomas is quickly putting the final touches on the rules.  I have more ships to paint for both sides and lots of crew to reorganize and touch up.  I should have around 30 ships per side (perhaps a few more than that) one it is all said and done.  This game took us (both first time players) around 3 hours (with just about 40 ships on the table).  I'd say that is really good!

Onward to our Lepanto game at the Pacificon Game Expo and back to putting decals on British vehicles for my Hell's Highway game!