Sunday, January 24, 2016

28mm Modern Iraq - Saddam Statue

Just a quick update today.  I've been busy working on several projects and will have several new posts up over the next week or so to show off some new stuff.

My 1:35 statue of Saddam arrived from Verlinden last week and I painted it up and took a couple of pictures.  Although the scale is 1:35 it works great for 28mm games - providing an impressive statue.  You can see the pictures below with some 28mm USMC and an M1 Abrams that give you an idea of the scale.

An impressive sight.

The Abrams should hook him up and tear him down.

Armour and troops advance past the statue.

The statue was actually fairly easy to paint.  I used long copper wire to pin the statue to the base so it is removable for easier storage.  I primed the statue black and used a drybrush of GW Leadbelcher that I had added a lot of black to make it a very dark metallic colour.  After that I watered down some GW Ushapti bone and applied it to the details while using a paper towel to wipe the excess off in a downward direction.  The effect I think works well for weathering.

For the base I sprayed it a light grey colour (Armory Grey Primer).  I washed it with a GW black wash then stippled a lighter grey for the final colour.  I did the plate in a standard metallic with a brown wash.  Once that was all done I used Army Painter Skeleton Bone spray to weather the whole base (spraying at a distance, working the spray cloud into the model as needed to weather it).

There you have it ... another addition to the modern layout.


  1. Great scenario - bringing back memories of the TV news some years ago! Cheers!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Jay.
      Have you had any luck on the Cold War rules?

    2. Getting there, working on the Russian list. I've written an article for Wargames Illustrated and I have to get the list done for that if nothing else ... also work conspires against me. Soon ;-)