Sunday, November 13, 2016

General Update - 11/13/2016

Well my oh my!!  My apologies to all my followers, I've been absolutely swamped by work and life in general.  I've been making progress, but unable to find the time to do blog posts during the same time.  The good news is I'm coming up for air.  With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays coming up here in the US I'll have time off to play games and finish up some projects.

I've got a few posts in progress covering a few different things, from new Russian vehicles for modern that are finished, to lots of spaceships for Firestorm Armada, and new ACW stuff that I've been working on for the Pickett's Charge scenario I'll be running at DundraCon.  In fact, next Sunday I'm looking to run the first play test of that scenario.

So ... coming back ... and apologies for the absence of posts ... and thanks for sticking with me!

Arriving on Monday is the new European church from Crescent Root Studio (order yours here).

Can wait ... this kit is just another notch in the bed post for Crescent Root's awesome range.

Lastly ... another reason for my lack of posting ... I added two new members of the family in K9 form ...

Jasper and Autumn
They are 1/2 Australian Cattle Dog and 1/2 German Shepard.

More to come soon!


  1. Love the church and the dogs look very cool too!

    1. Dang ... it didn't arrive today ... was expecting it ... very excited about the church as well :-)

  2. Glad to see you're still kicking! I was wondering where you'd been :) That Crescent Root church looks fantastic - ironically I'm just finishing up the 4Ground church (the destroyed version though) as we speak, hopefully I can get a post up about soon. And two new puppies, keep those miniatures and terrain above waist level!!

    1. Thanks Ivor ... I've been poking into your blog in between the madness here ... loving what you've done! Finally getting back to it now though ... at least the stuff I've had commissioned has been getting done :-) Funny enough, I had the 4Ground (none destroyed) church about 1/2 built when Mark at CRS told me about his church ... so I gave up and waiting for his ... yay :-)

  3. Love the the k9s more!!
    Welcome back btw 8-)