Friday, April 28, 2017

General Update & A Question

Hello everyone!  Figured I would post a general update since there are several "irons in the fire" so to say.  I also have a minor inquiry for anyone who is reading this post. In order to organize this post better, I've broken it into sections covering:

  1. Question:  To Facebook or not to Facebook?
  2. KublaCon Game Convention
  3. Little Round Top - Work In Progress
  4. Borodino - Work In Progress
  5. Bolt Action Vietnam

Another quick note --- I've added a "downloads" section to the right side list.  All the various rules references and playsheets I've created are linked there (latest versions).

Question:  To Facebook or not to Facebook?

I will always maintain my blog but I did want to ask - for minor updates (a pic and quick caption) and to inform followers of posts --- should I create a Facebook page to go along with this blog?  Please leave a comment to cast your opinion/vote.

UPDATE:  I will not Facebook at this time.  I'll just continue to post in applicable groups when I publish a related post on the blog.

KublaCon Game Convention

The KublaCon game convention fast approaches (May 26-29) and preparations are nearly complete --- or maybe in full swing is a better description?  If you are planning to attend there are a number of miniature games on the schedule from my group - stop by and say hello ... maybe even roll some dice?  In additional to myself, Roy Scaife, John Lantz, Dan Kerrick and Matt Hillzendrager will be in attendance.  Here is the schedule:

Friday @ 1PM - 28mm ACW - Pickett's Charge
Friday @ 6PM - 28mm Napoleonic - Battle of Borodino (Shevardino Redoubt)
Saturday @ 9AM - 28mm Modern - Radio Free Zambia (Chinese PLA vs. African Insurgents)
Saturday @ 3PM - 28mm ACW - McPherson's Ridge
Sunday @ 9AM - 28mm Napoleonic - Battle at Roncevaux Pass
Sunday @ 3PM - 28mm ACW - Little Round Top (& Devil's Den)

As you can see we have a lot going on - nonstop miniature mayhem!

Little Round Top - Work In Progress

This is coming together quickly.  Some WIP photos are below but I still have to finish the following:

  • Got a lot more rocks to spread about the table.
  • Build (assemble), base and paint Devil's Den (pic just shows loose rocks).
  • Build out the low stone/rubble line used by the Union regiments on Little Round Top.
  • Base my newly arrived "tree-inforcements" so I can add more trees about the table.

Getting close ... some (ok, maybe a lot ... got a little carried away with the phone) preview pictures are below.  Remember -- this is still a WORK IN PROGRESS ... I'm still futzing around with things and figuring out if I'm ok with the deployment as is.  I'll be play testing this soon so I can work out the kinks ahead of the convention game.

And fortunately my "tree-inforcements" have arrived today ...

Borodino - Shevardino Redoubt

Dan Kerrick has been busy pulling this game together, including building up an entirely new Russian army in anticipation of the game.  I'll be posting up the scenario for this game shortly.  This game should be a lot of fun.  Dan and I will be play testing the scenario next weekend (stay tuned for pictures of that game).

Quick scenario map below ...

My tables are all 8 foot by 6 foot, but Dan has gone the extra mile here and this will be played out on a 6 foot by 10 foot tabletop.  The mat for the game is all done.  You can see (no elevations yet as the foam has not been cut for the hills just yet) some preview/work in progress pictures below.  Dan is using the resin redoubt from Grand Manner.  The pictures are from some time ago but all I have handy at the moment.  Sexier pictures coming after the play test next weekend.

Bolt Action Vietnam

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning!" - Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore (Apocalypse Now)

Yup ... your're reading it right - another project I've got underway.  Fortunately this project represents what I consider a smaller side period for me.  Still waiting for most of the miniatures to arrive from the UK (they are somewhere between here and there in the lovely postal system).

I'll be creating my usual Bolt Action QRS style rules for the period.  It is mostly in my head right now.  It will have some unique things to take into account the period flavor - e.g. body count, landing zones (cold - land and take off as you please, warm - helicopters may be driven off, hot - helicopters will not land until you get the LZ under control), and more.

I did up a logo for it.

I plan to do two scenarios initially, the first being an air cavalry landing and contact/search of a nearby Vietnamese village.  The second would be a Firebase oriented engagement.  I picked up 4 x Huey slicks to ferry the troops into the combat zone.  I also picked up 4 x M113 ACAV from Parkfield Miniatures that are awesome (can do the same scenario, but have them come in mounted on the M113's).

First set of models and miniatures have arrived.

I did up the map for the first scenario.  I'll be doing up a ton of palm trees to go with my normal trees I use so I can represent the jungle areas more appropriately.

Map for my first scenario.

For the village I picked up some awesome buildings from Barrage Miniatures ... pic below ...

I have Artmaster Studio all lined up to paint through all the troops for me - and I know Toby will do a spectacular job on them.  Once the last of the miniatures arrive (hopefully next week) I'll organize them and send them over to Artmaster.

I think that is everything that is top of mind.  If you are wondering about Helm's Deep - fear not - I'm still working on this one.  All the forces of good are finished.  There are 300 Uruk-hai that need to be painted and I'll be contracting the talented Steve Dake for that effort in the fall while I work to finish the Helm's Deep model.

Stay tuned for lots more wargaming fun!


  1. You may like this guys Vietnam project.

    1. Well holy crap ... that is awesome!! Thanks for the link!

      You might find this interesting, its a podcast that just plays music that was popular daring the Vietnam war. And will toss in AFN radio infomercials randomly into the mix.

    3. lol ... that is awesome, thanks again!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these fantastic photos - specially the ACW ones, just wonderful! Cheers!

  3. Awesome! Don't forget the Aussies. I've had a large Australian and NVA force waiting for this for some time.

    You might want to check this out. The Battle of Long Tan.

    Also the Documentary narrated by Sam Worthington.

    1. Sweet! Thanks for the link ... watching documetary now :-)

  4. First, an "update" for you equates to years worth of work for the rest of us! Amazing :)
    Facebook - the cesspool of modern society! LOL! I think Facebook would be fine if people couldn't comment or like things. Joking aside, I do think it is viable for the hobby, much like the blogs it brings people and ideas together. Honestly my entire feed is pretty much filled with only game publishers/designers, game specific groups (Bolt Action, 7TV, Pulp Alley, Blood & Plunder, Chicago Way, etc.), terrain help/tips groups, swap/sell groups, etc. - you get the idea. The only thing for me that I'd prefer would be a "closed" group, where only the members of the group can see and write posts, comment, etc. With a public group or page anybody can see posts and comment - I don't need my racist uncle (because we've all got one, lol!) cheering on my photos (or anything of yours, because the moment I like or comment on it, that is going out publicly to my friends list) of the 1st Virginia cavalry because he's unable to take it in the context we are, the gaming standpoint, and not something political.
    Longwinded response, and I hope it makes some sort of sense - difficult to keep thoughts cohesive when I can only see four lines of text in this little box! Regardless, I'd follow you on Facebook, just unlikely to comment or like photos if it were public.
    And I'm going to give you some ribbing because there wasn't one Helm's Deep photo, booooooooooo LOL!

    1. Rotflmfao. Hi-larious. Thanks brother! Lots to think about. I deserve the ribbing ... fear not ... will be getting back to it again in June after the con. I to hate Facebook ... but also appreciate the increased wargaming related stuff I see now that I'm joining various groups. :-)

  5. Hey Jay,
    Definitely yes to Facebook. You can link your blog site to the Facebook page to increase exposure.
    My Kublacon games "Black Op Dawn Removal - Afghanistan" is scheduled for 1pm on Friday and 10am on Sunday. Trying out Spectre Miniatures rules called "Spectre Operations" It's a Tactical game system for Modern Warfare. We'll see how it plays.
    Looking forward to your 28mm Vietnam set up. I have a cool idea for rice paddies!

    1. Thanks Matt! I'll amenda the post with your games ... wasn't sure when tgey had been scheduled.

  6. Hey Jay, your Devil's Den terrain is looking great, those matts, roads and fences are museum quality. I had to weigh in on the Facebook question. I do not have Facebook, and know others that don't. Lately I feel like I've been missing out and Wargames Illustrated is a good example. Sometimes I do reviews for them, and when Doug of Miniature Service Center (MSC) asked why he never saw reviews for his new 40mm French and Indian War range, I asked and was advised by one of the editors that they were being posted on Facebook, but not on the website. Makes me wonder how much other info I've missed. It looks like we're at a point where we need this source as well as a website. That's sad as I have no interest in Facebook, and there are probably others like me. Thus,you could lose some, but potentially gain others. I know you said you would maintain the blog, but that's how it looks now, right? This might be due to the age of some users, as when advising Doug of MSC, who is even older than me (!) where that review was, he laughed and replied in the negative. Btw, MSC is selling the molds of their 40mm ACW range, so if you want to do your projects in a bigger scale, lol...

    1. lol ... hey Steve. Fear not - my blog is the primary thing for me ... if I did a Facebook page it would really only be a notification mechanism for when I published a new post. Honestly, the more I think about it I don't think I need to pollute Facebook with yet another page. I'm already in several groups in FB and can post links to my posts in those groups as appropriate. I think I'll just stay the current course. 40mm eh ... to big for me :-) My standardization on 28mm has worked well for me ... just one set of terrain that gets a lot of reuse :-)

  7. Love the Little Round Top Scenario, close to my heart, as I live in Brunswick, Maine! I enjoy the projects you have been working on and am excited to see the Vietnam era game evolve too!
    I'd like to submit some requests tho, perhaps some Muskets & Tomahawks, Deadman's Hand and Saga!?! Thanks again for all your posts, I always look forward to seeing what your up to!
    Oh, side note: no on Facebook, and I just found your you tube channel- make some more! Those were great for me learning to play Muskets & Tomahawks!

    1. Lol, thanks! Ok ... will work in some more games :-) Hard, just been so focused these last few months ... very unlike me ;-)

  8. Hi Jay, late to the party and see you mentioned you won't be doing facebook at this time, but still wanted to weigh in. Your blog is one of my favorites. Not only quality paint work but insightful and helpful commentary. I've lost access to other nice blogs that have gone facebook (I know you said you'd keep going with yours) and it was a sad times. I had facebook and after a couple of years killed it. Don't like the info gathering, the stupid commercials, etc. but my biggest beef was the constant changes and other minor things. I know a lot of companies are taking to this media and I guess they have to. The generations coming up behind me depend on this tool a lot more than I do and companies have to adapt to this.


    We few, we happy few, we band of bloggers;
    For he to-day that writes his blog with me
    Shall be my brother
    And gentlemen in Facebook now a-bed
    Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That they failed to read with us upon our blogger ways.


    1. Lol, love it! Thanks ... it helps to know and get feedback. Appreciate it :-)

  9. I tend to be an over poster in Facebook. Depending what game pictures or reports, a post can determine 16 to 30 Facebook Groups I post up in. However, I would say to do both. Reasons are fairly simple. Facebook, you get way more exposure with people. Grant it, it is a short term memory thing, but it inspires. The your regular blog is for more long term. My blog receives hits on older posts due to search engines. If anyone is looking for certain inspiration for their games, it's the search engines that bring up the blogs. I have yet to find with Google or Yahoo a Facebook posting I have done. However, at Historicon last year, I had people come up to meet me based on work. I am looking forward to see who I will meet at Nashcon at the end of the month and this year's Historicon.

    1. Well put, thanks for the recommendation!

    2. Now I gotta think on this some more ... humm.

  10. Replies
    1. Getting there ... spending money along the way :-)

  11. Jay,
    I haven't posted on your blog for quite sometime, but I appreciate your Bolt Action 2.0 Modern rules. For your Vietnam rules Apparently "Wargames Soldier and Strategy" did a small rules conversion a few years back in their magazine for Vietnam. The magazine is available off Ebay, or the exact pages can also be read here:

    I do however am eager to see what your terrain, minis, and rules look like cause I like the other millions like your style. :)