Sunday, August 5, 2018

This Hallowed Ground v3.0 Update (ACW Rules)

This update has been long overdue.  For my Waterloo game I had completed the 3rd revision of the Napoleonic rules (Empires at War or EAW).  That involved replacing the Kings of War style morale system with a new one.  This Hallowed Ground (THG) needed the same updates.

If you've played THG in the past, or Kings of War, you'll know the morale system isn't very reflective of real battles.  Units stick around relatively undiminished for a long time until the "pop" due to excessive casualties.  While this worked better than other systems, it just wasn't the right feel to the game and period.  The new system I like far better and provides a far more realistic result IMO than the previous system.  Combined with the disorder rules, and overall being simpler, is a win.

In addition to the much improved morale system, a lot of information has been consolidated into (hopefully) easier to read tables and formats.  This has worked really well for EAW and based on our game yesterday works really well for THG.

Perhaps the single largest improvement is the orders table.

The rules can be downloaded from the right side download section or directly from here:

Anyways, pictures below of the rules.


  1. So the big question is when is Osprey going to pick up the publishing rights 🙂
    Great stuff as always Jay!

    1. Lol, thanks Ivor. Not sure I would ever want to publish ... then I would have to support the rules ... lol! I guess I do that already. But, it would make it to serious for me I think :-)

  2. I vote to publish it! C'mon Jay, how hard can that be? ;)

  3. Since you don't want to publish - how about some short video tutorial, eg.
    -basic information - how many figures, building your force, expanding your force etc.
    - how to play.

    That would be of great help to people like me, who'd like to play but have very, very small experience in real wargaming.

    1. That's certainly doable. Didn't actually think anyone else played or wanted to play them ;-) Well, I know one guy plays them. Will look at doing some video tutorials

  4. Jay, I'd be stoked to try your rules. I can even supply my own minis! If you ever want to get together to play, you know my email now. My best Grover

  5. Jay
    Apologies resurrecting an old thread but the link to your version 3 of the rules no longer works. Any chance you could send me a copy to if possible?