Monday, February 18, 2019

DundraCon 2019 Report

Escaped this past weekend for a great weekend of gaming at DundraCon 2019.  Roy Scaife, John Lantz, Dan Kerrick, and Adrian Turner joined me along in the gaming fun.  Oddly enough, we covered the gaming spectrum on this one - playing fantasy (LOTR) on Friday, Sci-fi on Saturday (Star Wars), and historical on Sunday (Napoleonic) ... no gaming discrimination here! :-)

Along with the miniatures games covered below, played some great boardgames as well - Giant Killer Robots (using the new factions), Everdell, and the Expanse boardgame (after the show, which I have been binge watching).

Many pictures below ... enjoy!

Charge of the Mumaks!

Finally got some LOTR on the frigg'in table!  Didn't get a chance to play this scenario before running it at the con so wasn't sure how it was going to play out.  As it turns out, worked out great!  The Mamuks looked really good at the start trampling lots of Rohirrum, but Rohan bounced back, isolating and swarming each Mamuk which turned out to be a winning strategy.  Rohan won a long string of priority rolls to pull this off ... but it made out to be a great game.  3 Mamuks killed broke Harad - who only needed to kill 1 more Rohirrum to break the good guys, very close!

Special thanks to the awesome Steve Dake for outstanding work on the painting and David Skibicki for the fur mat!

Start of the game ...

Pictures using my good DSLR camera below ...

And the crappy phone pictures ...

Star Wars Bolt Action

Dan Kerrick hosted his Star Wars game for the battle of Scarif.  He's added some more terrain and forces to each side since running it last at my place.  Really great game - this time the Rebel's managed to pull off a victory.

Crappy phone pictures below ...

Battle of Quatre Bras

Roy Scaife ran his Quatre Bras game using Empires at War.  Another great game - with a solid French victory this time.  This game has been a near run affair all three times we've played it.  The initial French infantry divisions bypassed Gemincourt farm and left it to the reinforcing infantry, which worked out in the end - although it needed a good portion of luck to go with it as well.

And that's about it for now!


  1. Unreal mate! So much eye candy as usual. Did you guys use the BA Star Wars rules for the Scarif game?

    1. Yes sir, they are turning out to work really well :-)

    2. Thinking of which ... please share the latest rev. Looks like I'll be making some Clone/Droid Wars additions soon. :)

    3. Yes, added to the downloads section to the right ... and here:

    4. Clone & Droid Wars!!! Awesome :)
      Have to also ask, what was the overall reaction to all the clear bases? Was there a lot of raised eyebrows and stink eyes?

    5. Very positive ... lots of comments about how the figures blend into the board. We have a winner :-)

  2. Sooo jealous not to be able to partake, awesome pictures of three great looking events. Thanks for sharing Jay.


    1. Thanks Kevin - perhaps one day you'll find yourself in Cali and able to play :-)

  3. Wow, most impressive tables and armies, looks awesome!

  4. I’ll say it again, who the f*** has 5 mumaks! 😀

    Glad that the con was a success all around. Well done!

    1. Lol, it was almost 6 ... but 5 works :-) Thanks Stew!