Tuesday, September 3, 2019

PacifiCon 2019 Convention Report

PacifiCon has come and gone.  Some big changes at the convention this year - and it was all for the better in my opinion.  This convention is hosted at the Santa Clara Marriott.  Last year the hotel was in the middle of some major renovations and it detracted significantly from the convention IMO.  The good news is that the renovations are complete with the exception of some of the rooms.  The new look, feel and layout is all very nice.

While I believe miniatures in general was down a bit from last year, the turnout felt fairly consistent throughout the weekend with a steady flow of miniatures games being run.  There were some really cool ones that I only could see from across the room since I was busy running games.

Roy Scaife, Dan Kerrick, John Lantz, Matt Hilzendarger, Steve and myself all made our way out to a fun weekend of gaming.  The past few months, and August in particular have been absolutely the busiest and most stressful time in my life.  All that came to a conclusion at this convention so the stress relief was great.  Unfortunately I didn't stay up playing board games and much as I would have liked to  --- and most of us were exhausted at night after a full day a miniature gaming.

Anyways, enough babbling ... on to the pictures!

Star Wars Endor

Dan Kerrick ran his beautiful Battle for Endor game.  Dan ran this late on Saturday and I admit to being a little "in the bag" at this point.  I was handed a single googly eye which became the thing to sneak into pictures ...

Fun game enjoyed by all.  Dan was a real sport putting up with my google eyed nonsense :-)

Napoleonic Naval

Roy Scaife hosted a 1:300 Napoleonic Naval game using our Beat to Quarters rules.  A French/Spanish fleet (8 ships) engaged a Royal Navy fleet (8 ships).  The French/Spanish managed to pull it off though late in the game with some amazing critical hits.

Star Wars Hoth

The main post on this is here.  I really couldn't be happier with how this all turned out.  I hadn't had a chance to play test the game at all before packing up and heading to the convention.  Fortunately I was able to run it twice - once on Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning.  Friday was great and allowed me to make some minor adjustments for Saturday which ran really well.

My only disappointment was that my cool new Star Wars shirts I order got delivered on Saturday afternoon at my house ... so I couldn't wear them for the games.  I especially wanted to wear the one with the AT-AT footprint!

My new Star Wars shirts ... didn't arrive in time!

Maximillon Death Race

The exceptionally talented Thomas Foss ran this Maximillon Death Race game which was a ton of fun.  I find it odd to say that since I got blow up before I got to the second turn, but it was a blast!  I look forward to trying this game again in the future.

Wars of Imaginations.

More from the amazing Thomas Foss.  I played in his 54mm wooden soldier Wars of Imaginations game.  I ran a Brigade and entrenched artillery position.  Happy to report that I held my flank, but the rest of the army on my side evaporated and so I found myself on the losing side. 

Very fast, easy and fun game using a home grown set of rules from Thomas that is currently based on Warmaster.  Thomas is an amazing painter ... as you can see by the pictures below ...

Some Other Games

While the weekend was PACKED full of miniature games I did manage to run about a couple of times and snap some pictures of other games.

There you have it - looking forward to the next convention already.


  1. What an excellent sounding weekend Jay...
    And lots of splendid looking games...

    All the best. Aly

  2. Nice setups on your teams end, but also impressed with other games. The quality of terrain and painted miniatures are up there. Perhaps you and yours are setting the standard;)

    Are you still planning on uploading the latest Star Wars Bolt action rules? I have been slowly adding to my Star Wars collection to use these rules with.


    1. Yes sir ... working on the update right now with a new fancy army list. Posting this week. :-)

    2. Lol, thanks, getting close :-)

  3. I want to thank you and the guys for letting me hang out with you and play some great games :) See you at the next one.


    1. Thanks for making the trip Ray - it was great to have you - we'll certainly see you at the next one! :-)

  4. Some great looking games.
    We one-upped the googly eyes and had Olaf a few years ago :)

    1. Lol, excellent - I can get him for future Hoth pictures :-)

  5. Thanks for the report and pictures!

  6. Brilliant all around! Those shirts look absolutely boss - where did you get them? Have a horse, ride a taun taun is a must buy 🤣
    I can't believe that you went into a convention with a monster game like that and didn't even playtest it once lol!! I totally would have been Han Solo on that one with a great big "I have a bad feeling about this"

    1. lol ... I'll be sending you a present shortly :-)

  7. Hello Jay, I am very interested in Roy Scaife Uboat game hosted recently. Are the rules available? Thanks