Friday, March 20, 2020

New LOTR Stuff

Hello everyone from "shelter in place" California.  Fortunately so far both my family and myself have stayed healthy.  I hope your families and yourselves are keeping safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

The next wave of LOTR miniatures are now complete, in-hand and put on bases as of last night.  I took some pictures using my trusty phone.

Painted by the excellent Mark Brooks.

This will be used for my Charge of the Mumaks
and Battle for the Pelennor Fields games.

Helm's Deep versions.

Helm's Deep versions - these I plan to use similar to how
I used special characters for my Star Wars Hoth game
(on orders boards).

The Three Hunters.

The characters below will be used for the Warg Attack scenario.

A start on my project to do Goblin Town - Thorin's Company ...

There you go.  Lots going on ... starting to get some more time for hobby stuff now.


  1. Very nice indeed Jay...
    The new plastics for this range are rather lovely...

    All the best. Aly

  2. Great stuff Jay! You've got some absolutely fantastic looking figures there 😀 I've got to get you some of my super thin clear bases, I think you may like them even more than the Litko ones - if I ever get back home that is...
    Keep you and your family safe mate, this storm is just starting 😕

  3. Hey Jay happy to hear you are safe, I hope all of us get through this. Here in Michigan it's been two weeks of no schools. My Wife works at a major hospital and gets daily updates. What people don't see behind the scenes are the sheer number of people that have it. 86 are hospitalized that have tested positive, 164 have tested positive and been sent home, 780 have tested negitive, over 2000 tests are still pending. that just our metro area. It's bat crap crazy here.

    Okay sorry for the downer stuff, DUDE that stuff looks absolutely amazing!!!! If I had my choice of any one it would be the vignette like fight of Éowyn and Merry fight the Witch King.

    Thanks for some nice eye candy to brighten my spirits.


  4. Nice additions Jay, some lovely brushwork on those figures

    French Wargame Holidays

  5. Outstanding brushwork on all of these lovely sculpts. i lost track of how many different versions of Leoglas, Gimli, and Aragon you have, though! :-)