Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Some News, Sohei Monks, and KublaCon!

So there I was, catching up on the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated (414, June).  I started reading the "Here Come The Prussians" article and as I scroll down on my tablet, a familiar sight pops out on the page at me. 

I see a picture depicting the This Hallowed Ground rules.  I then read the section next to the picture and discover the Perry's are giving the rules a little try out with their latest and always excellent range of miniatures for the Franco-Prussian war.

Well, I damn near fell out of my chair right then and there!  I couldn't believe it!  A nice little surprise for me to see that.

Not long after that I was told to check Facebook and saw the excellent Saxon Dog (blog and FB page) had also posted about using the rules ...

What an interesting and excellent day this has turned out to be!  Ok, ok - moving on ...

The awesome Steve Dake had finished my Sohei Monks for Test of Honour a little while ago and I finally got them on bases and tried out a little test game.  As always, Steve does excellent work.  I snapped some pictures below using my phone ...

The test game was a lot of fun.  I needed to try the game out quickly because I'm packing it up to bring with me to ....

YES!  The Khan of Cons ... it is that time of year for the largest and best gaming convention in the local area.  I'm going big this year, heading there tomorrow afternoon and returning on Monday after a long weekend of miniature gaming madness!

We have an official line up of games ...

Friday we have Adam Clark running his 10mm (Warmaster) Orcs vs Humans game and Matt Hilzendragger running a larger version of his Sudan colonial game with The Men Who Would Be Kings.

Saturday sees John Lantz running Shaggy Ridge (WW2 Burma) and Dan Kerrick running a French and Indian War game with Rebels and Patriots.

Finally on Sunday I'm running the expanded Bautzen scenario for General d'Armee shich will use a 16 foot by 6 foot table and a good chunk of my 28mm French and Russian Napoleonic collections.

Lots of pictures will be taken and a report will follow!

Finally, a little preview of the first War of the Roses figures ...

The first battle is done and right after the con I'll be working to get the 5 remaining battles assembled and painted.  I also have a metric butt load of War of the Ring (the other WotR) basing to do.  So much going on!


  1. As always Steve's stuff is awesome! Good luck and have fun at Kublacon!!!


    1. Thanks Kevin! Packing now then off to wargamer heaven :-)

  2. If you ever find the time Jay video tutorials of your rules would be awesome as I'm more of a visual leaner. Anyways, website is always inspiring!

  3. Congrats, Jay, it's good to see you getting much deserved recognition from WI and the Perry's, in particular. You should offer WI an article on the rules. And thanks much for your kind words on the monks, I'm very glad you're happy - although I can see a million mistakes upon closer examination...