Monday, June 20, 2022

General Update: June

Just a quick update to let you all know I'm still kicking!

My son joined a competitive Volleyball club which runs a compacted summer program from mid-May to the end of June.  As a result I've been travelling around the US for various tournaments (last one is next week in Orlando, Florida).  As a result the project progress has slowed.  My massive backlog of basing is, well, only more massive.

With my Napoleonic Russian army mostly done, I'm focusing the bulk of my effort currently on the "two WotRs" ... that is the War of the Ring (LOTR) and the War of the Roses (Never Mind the Billhooks).

Bohdan has been making excellent progress on my Corsairs of Umbar ...

The force consists of 2 x 36 figure raider warbands, 2 x 18 figure arbalesters (crossbows), and some heros/characters.

I also have finished the first "battle" (brigade) for Tewksbury for the War of the Roses, but need to get them on bases ... more on that soon hopefully.  I have a crap load of plastic infantry to assemble for the 5 remaining battles.

So apologies for the lack of posting.  July should be a good month though.  I will be making a lot of basing progress.  Also, while I've been on the road I spent a lot of time modernizing the War of the Ring rules.  I've been doing some solo play testing to get all the updates/changes ironed out and feel like they are in a really good state.  Will post that up soon.


  1. Those are some fine looking figures by Bohdan. I feel you with family obligations vs hobby, you’ve got the right order of things. Something your Son and yourself will have great memories of in your old ages. I’ve taken on a painting commission for a friend who doesn’t have time to paint. I’m feeling the pain looking at my pile of shame. But making good progress on his Byzantine Saga Army.


    1. Thanks Kevin! Oh boy! I salute you for doing commission painting --- I can't paint my own stuff fast enough, don't know that I would ever have time to paint other peoples stuff. I had done some of that in my long ago youth days ... but it was always something I didn't enjoy. Will keep an eye out for some pictures of the Byzantines :-)

  2. Looking very nice indeed Jay

    1. Thanks Carlo - excited to have some light at the end of the tunnel on this massive project :-)