Monday, October 16, 2023

ACW Pickett's Charge: Bloody Lane, 1862 (Antietam)

After a long hiatus of hosting games at my place, I finally hosted an ACW game this past weekend (we've been playing at conventions and other locations this year).  It was great to get back to rolling dice and pushing around some miniatures in the game room.

I pulled out the Bloody Lane scenario from the back of the Pickett's Charge rulebook.  Dan Kerrick, Roy Scaife, John Lantz, and Adrian Turner all came over.  Roy, John and Adrian ran the Union brigades that had to assault and capture the central running road.  The Confederates had to hold it.  This is a well known part of the larger battle of Antietam from 1862.

Nice camera pictures first --- followed by phone camera pictures ...

The battle was extremely historical --- bloody for the Union and somewhat of a foregone conclusion.  It is almost impossible for the Union brigades to realistically break the Confederate lines as there are just ultimately too many Confederate regiments present to fill gaps and push back Union successes.

Solid Confederate victory at the end of the day.  We all had a great time though --- and I've been meaning to give the Pickett's Charge rules a proper run through.  I look forward to the 2nd edition of General d'Armee, which has some great updates that we will use for Pickett's Charge as well.

Phone pictures below ...

The scenario in the book calls for 16 turns.  We had fought the battle to a decisive conclusion by turn 8.

Next up I hope to host some more ACW games, and I will be play testing my Borodino scenario that I'll be running at DundraCon in February.


  1. A long time ago, I read the book “ Landscape Turned Red”, I was truly awed over the discretions of the carnage. It’s been like 35 years since I read it, and I remember it was a paperback. If I recall correctly, there was so much musket fire it mowed down the cornfields. Being raised on a farm that bit was like a whoa moment.

    Excellent photos, as always thanks for sharing.


    1. Damn! Yeah, unimaginable carnage! Thanks Kevin!