Saturday, January 6, 2024

2024 - New Projects Underway

Happy new year to you all.  

I've decided to run the Edgehill scenario from the Warlord Games Epic Pike and Shotte rulebook.  

The scale for Warlord Epic is one of debate.  Foot to top of head the figures are 15mm tall.  The rnage I think was broadcasted, at least originally as "epic" 10mm.  I think most have settled on it being 12mm.  Whichever it may be, I have 10mm buildings and they seem to fit well with the range.  A liitle on the small side I prefer for buildings since they can take up a lot of space on the gaming table.  For example, the 25mm buildings from Hovels that I use for 28mm Napoleonics are great, and distinctly smaller than the equivalent 28mm MDF kits.

While most of this collection is already on the way to my painter, I will be painting a couple of the regiments myself, along with the ordnance and leaders.  The bulk of the regiments and all the cavalry are off to be done by someone who will be done decades before I would finish.

I've finished the first pike and musket reigment for the Royalists - Prince Rupert's regiment of foot.  A few pictures below.

Each base is 60mm wide by 20mm deep.  The figures are on strips of 10 figures, with the exception of the front rank of pikemen which are all individual figures.  While a smaller scale, I do very much like the look of these units on the tabletop.

2023 was a bit of a slow wargaming year.  Personal life and work won over on my time.  Still, I did accomplish many things this year.  I was able to paint up and get Minas Tirith to the table at PacifiCon using my re-written/modernized War of the Ring rules.  My Napoleonic Russian army is now finished and I'll be running Borodino at DundraCon next month.  I started into All Quiet on the Martian Front and painted up a good start to that collection.  I also played and hosted many games, General d'Armee, Pickett's Charge, and more.

In 2024 I plan to give my This Hallowed Ground rules some major attention and will go back to this ruleset for my ACW games.  Picketts Charge is fine, but the games unfold far too slow for my group.  We need to finish a decent sized game in the better part of a day.

I look forward to what 2024 will bring on the Wargaming front and hope you'll all continue to follow along.