Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fort William Henry Project Update #6

The end is nigh!  I've made major progress on the base and the palisade fence is complete.  I little bit of sanding left to do with the foam edges then it is on to sand and paint.  I've got lots of left over tree bases from woodland scenics so I'll be using those as stumps around the open ground on the base (with some rocks).  The Tippi foam cutter did the trick and was awesome for this project.

Unboxing the Tippi foam cutter.

The Tippi foam cutter with all the blades that are included.  I used the wide round blade for the trenches.

I put the fort down on the foam and used a black marker to outline it and mark the trench area.

First trench with some sanding done.

Showing the "first cuts" with the foam cutter ... it takes a few runs to get the trench deep and wide enough.

Foam glued to the MDF base.  Note the total area was larger than the standard MDF/foam size so the ends and "front" are additions to the main piece.

Starting the palisade fencing.

I used a dotted line to guide the fence line.

Fence complete.

The next update will be the last as I will be done --- and I hope to wrap this up within days ... I still have some time today to get some more done and I figure a couple of weeknights should about do it.


  1. Wow, impressive.
    Your fort is starting to look really good.

  2. Wow... Very very impressive! I'm liking the trenches made with that foam cutter. I might need to pick one up...

    I've been following this build from the start and have to say you have quite a bit of modelling talent!

  3. Thanks guys ... I can't wait to wrap it up and get a game in with it looming over the battlefield :-)

  4. It's making the fort much more imposing for sure. Are you leaving the fort and base apart so you can use the fort without the trench (and for storage)?

    1. Yes, that is the plan ... Mostly for storage ... And if I ever wanted to change the base or build the rest of the fort I would likely destroy the fort getting it off of the base ... Se separate it will be ... And transport will be easier as well :-)