Friday, October 26, 2012

French Artillery Position

While waiting for the glue to dry for all the sand on Fort William Henry I decided to get a start into the French artillery position/redoubt that will face the fort and host the mightly French 24 pounders (four of them to be exact).  I'm still waiting on additional gabions to arrive from Front Rank (they've been dispatched and should arrive this coming week) but I have enough to get a start. 

Up first was figuring out how big each gun platform should be.

The general idea was to have a cascading platform for the four guns that was "dug" into a small hill.  I used the normal blue foam, MDF, mapboard and balsa wood (dowels and planks) to build out the structure.  I used the Tippi foam cutter once again and was very pleased with the results.  For the foam I cut out the general shape then used sandpaper to smooth it all out.  Lastly I applied plaster (still drying in the picture) to grade the hill some more.

A little sanding after the plaster is dry and the hill is ready for sand ... although I'll hold off until I build out the front of the gun positions with the gabions.


  1. Very cool. This is to go along with your fort yes?

    I like the idea of the stepped firing platform

    1. Yes sir ... it will house the French guns that are firing on the fort for my LotM scenario :-)

      I took stills from the movie of the gun position and engineering trenches ... not exactly the same, but close enough.