Monday, July 8, 2013

Dead Man's Hand Project - Update #3: Progress

Progress is being made - and in fact - some exciting news recent from 4Ground.  They've just released another wave of pre-painted buildings for DMH!  This is going to save me a lot of time, as the three remaining buildings I have to assemble from BattleFlag all require painting and assembly.  Rather, I ordered the new buildings from 4Ground the moment I saw them and given that they shipped yesterday I should have them soon.  My town needs 8 buildings with a gallows - and with the three new buildings from 4Ground and the gallows from 4Ground that will complete my town.  I will still build and paint the BattleFlag buildings, but no before my next convention.  Pictures of the new buildings are below.

County Sheriff's Office

Main street building

Marshal's Office

Gallows (boot hill time!)

I've also delivered my four gangs to a very skilled local painter to have them all painted up before the US labor day weekend (first weekend of September).  That is the weekend of CelestiCon - at which I'll be running demonstration games of DMH on Friday night.  I should have the gangs delivered back to me well before then, but if not then all the more reason to DMH it up all Friday night long at the convention!

I'm excited about being done and able to play DMH with my new gangs!


  1. look forward to seeing your new gangs and your set up will look stunning
    Peace James

  2. Nice buldings. 4ground just get better and better.

    1. Agree ... they need to slow down their new releases ... my bank account can't take much more of this ;-)

  3. Very nice building !!!

    Good to see that the Law have at least three places to put away the bad guys;)

    Best regards Michael

    1. Thanks Michael --- the bad guys need lots of places to break out of :-)