Sunday, July 14, 2013

Quar - Crusaders

For those who may not be familiar with the Quar they are a race of ant eaters that live in a world consumed by the long war.  ZombieSmith created this universe and do all the models themselves - and spectacular world and just awesome miniatures.  I bought miniatures before they had rules for them ... they are that awesome (and of course, you can use them for many other rule systems if you want).  I have the benefit of living not to far from the home of ZombieSmith, so I've tracked their progress for a long time, and I've known the creators of ZombieSmith for some time as well.  They always have an excellent showing at the area conventions as well.  Probably most importantly is they have a unique set of rules - not just another cookie cutter approach - that offer a new gaming experience (for example, the 6/6 table dice mechanic).  I'll stop there since I could go on all day ... best to leave it that if you haven't looked at the Quar you should.

I recently finished up basing my company level army for my Crusaders.  I'm also working on my Coftyran (royalist) company level organization (about 1/2 done).  I just assembled all my armour as well - so the Crusaders are getting two x Baeliog armoured tractors and 2 x Ailthean light armoured tractors while the Coftyran's are getting 2 x Chyweethl - although I think I'll be adding a third very soon.  Once the armour is added to my infantry company below for my Crusaders they'll be fully complete.

Pictures below of the company.

The company arranged in all it's glory!

The command team (although technically short of
two pigs for the cook - they'll be added shortly).

First section (two squads of 10, four fire teams of 5).

Second section.

Command team.

Weapons support - two light mortars and two LMGs.

Cavalry support.
More to come on this front as I make progress.  I'm going to paint up the armour, and wrap up my old west buildings for Dead Man's Hand next.  I also have a custom Quar table in my plan and have plotted out how I will build that out.

Until next time - happy gaming! - or perhaps - given that I've been re-watching episodes of "Tabletop" - I'll actually agree with Will Wheaton's saying - play more games - and don't be a dick!


  1. Those look excellent Jay. I've always been a fan of the Quar, although never tried to build an army myself.

    1. Thanks - I've had these for a while - finally decided to get off my arse and get them done ... and I'm happy I did :-)

  2. Cool.
    The more I look at Quars the more I like them. I dont need another project by any means but I cant entierly let the thought of Quars go.

  3. Lovely. I've never seen Quar painted and arrayed for battle b4. Thanks.

  4. Nice army (and Table)! Admittedly the rules for TWQ & SoA kinda mystify me, no matter though as my Quar are slowly building up to take on WWII via War Lord's Bolt Action.

    1. Bolt Action should work well (I play Bolt Action as well using my WWII 28mm figures from Warlord). That aside, I am planning to do a Youtube video on playing SOA and TQW in the future ... since I was very much in the same boat as you ... but when I played with Anthony it got a lot clearer to me ... I think a Youtube video could provide the same to others.