Friday, January 31, 2014

Very Handy Bolt Action Links

Hello all,

While going to look for yet another construction diagram on the Warlord site and decided I would just put all the useful links for Bolt Action in one place so I can stop attempting to search for them or root page-by-page through their Bolt Action articles (currently 31 pages, joy!).

So here you go, a set of links for construction diagrams and other handy articles:

LAST UPDATED: 2/26/2014

Construction Diagrams - German
Stug III Ausf. G 7.5cm Assault Gun
Stug III Ausf. G with Saukopt (Pig's Snout) Mantlet
Sturmhaubitze 42 10.5cm Assault Gun
Tiger I Ausf. E & Michael Wittmann
Sd.Kfz.222 Armoured Car
2cm Flakvierling 38
Waffen-SS Quad Flak
Kradschutzen Motorcycle and Sidecar (1939-1942)
Kradschutzen Motorcycle (1939-1942)
Early Production Tiger I
Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma Armoured Car
Panzer II Ausf. A/B/C
Waffen-SS Nebelwerfer
Sd.Kfz.251/8 Ambulance
Sd.Kfz.251/16 Flammpanzerwagen
88mm FlaK 36
Fallschirmjager 2.8cm SPZB 41 Anti-Tank Gun
Howling Cow Schweres Wurfgerat 41 Rocket Launcher
Hetzer Tank Hunter

Construction Diagrams - British
QF 40mm Bofors AA Gun
Morris C9/B with 40mm Bofors
SAS Armoured Jeep (Northwest Europe)
SAS Jeep (Northwest Europe)
Airborne 75mm Pack Howitzer
Humber Scout Car
Sherman V Tank
Cromwell MkIV Cruiser Tank
25pdr Howitzer and Limber
Airborne 6pdr Anti-Tank Gun
6pdr Anti-Tank Gun
Universal Carrier

Construction Diagrams - Soviet
GAZ 98 Aerosan
ZIS-3 Divisional Gun
ZIS-2 Anti-Tank Gun

Construction Diagrams - USA
M2A1 105mm Howitzer
M8 Greyhound
M24 Chaffee Light Tank
Airborne 57mm Anti-Tank Gun
M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun
M26 Pershing Heavy Tank

Construction Diagrams - Japan
Chi-Ha Type 97 Tank

Rules Updates/Articles
Updated: Bolt Action FAQ and Playsheet
Updated: Bolt Action FAQ and Tournament Pack
Scenario: Bunker Assault
Scenario: Iwo Jima Bunker Assault
Scenario: Alligator Creek, Guadalcanal
Rules: Amphibious Landings

Modelling & Painting Guides
Building the Pegasus Bridge Battleboard
Painting Guide: Cafe Gondree and Bunker
Painting Pegasus Bridge
Painting Waffen-SS Plane Tree Camouflage
Painting a Hanomag Part 1: Assembly
Painting a Hanomag Part 2: Spraying and Painting
Painting a Hanomag Part 3: Transfer and Finish
Painting Guide: Using the Bolt Action Spray Primers
Video: Painting Bolt Action Plastic Soviet Infantry
Video: Painting Bolt Action Plastic German Infantry
Speed Painting US Marine Corps Infantry
Painting USMC Camo Tutorial
Speed Painting Japanese Infantry

Hopefully this reference saves you some time and is helpful!


  1. Sure, now you post this. Alot of useful stuff here for those that still need it.

    1. lol ... I know ... better late than never! :-)

  2. Thanks very much, this will come in very handy.

  3. I found the diagram but on the 25 pd british how there is no way the tiny frame can hold the doors on the limber.
    Also no way to attach metal fender to limber which is resin. Also on guy ant truck no way to hold roof up with tiny window. Help.

  4. On Guy ant truck how do you attach wheels to axle?

    1. Unfortunately I don't have a 25pdr kit. I'd try emailing Warlord directly to ask for help, I'very had many kits from them that had either the wrong parts or missing parts that made the builds very frusterating, so I feel your pain.