Friday, January 24, 2014

WW2 West Front Town Project Update #1

Ok, so the drive is on - all those 4Ground buildings I bought are being assembled (many already completed) and I've already submitted the game for the KublaCon game convention that is coming up on the long weekend in May.  I'll be running the scenario on a 6'x6' table and there will be 30+ 4Ground 28mm buildings in use on the table - it should be one hell of a sight!

Here is what is underway at the moment (there are five buildings not pictured that are being assembled on the bench - another "block" like is pictures in the middle left of the below photo).

4Ground is my friend!  Getting ready to
finish building and mount all of these lovely
buildings to MDF bases.

The layout will include the factory (three stories), police station (two stories), and brick three-story houses from the "Whitechapel To Baker Street" range, the hotel complex, and almost every building, some in multiples, from the "World At War" range.

I have finished the basic assembly of the hotel complex, now on to the details.

An AWESOME hotel complex.

As awesome as the outside is, the inside is
even better!

The "details" now are to use the 4Ground roof strips to overlay the roof and make it look even better - and to use the 4Ground base paints to patch up the corners and such with paint.  I've managed to finish the stone coaching stable and you can see the results below:

Hopefully you agree - as good as the base building looks out of the box, the added time to enhance the roof and touch up the paint is well worth it!

I'm cutting all the MDF bases for many buildings this weekend (including some buildings for Muskets & Tomahawks from 4Ground) ... I'll be posting progress regularly as this project is in full swing!  In addition to the many 4Ground buildings, I'm adding extra scenery for my WW2 layout that includes:

  • Custom bocage (I'll be posting a how to on making it).
  • Custom smoke markers.
  • Custom blast markers.
  • Customer pin markers.
  • Signs, telephone poles, and other odds and bits.

More updates to come, tons of progress is getting made.


  1. Whoah that's a lot of MDF! I'm getting envious now.

    Didn't know that they have base paints to hide the cutout areas. I've been avoiding the prepainted buildings because of that, but maybe I have to give the 4ground ones a try now. At least the stable looks amazing!

    1. Indeed - 4Ground has their *stuff* together when it comes to MDF buildings - nobody else even comes close. With the base paints and the roofing strips they sell, you can really take their buildings to the next level without to much effort. Thanks for reading! :-)

  2. It's a realy impresive goal you have Jay. Looking forwards to see a Greate Brunch of pictures from your game.

    Good luck with all the builds.

    Best regards Michael

    1. Thanks Michael --- I think it is achievable between now and May --- I have some help - Roy (wargaming buddy) has been assisting with building assembly and that is a big help. I was just readying your post about Donnybrook ... interesting stuff!

  3. Lots of work there.
    I Look forward to the bocage presentation, as I always like a good "how I did this".
    It should be an awesome presentation with all those amounts of building on it.

    1. Thanks! I just posted up the bocage how to --- hopefully you find it useful :-)

  4. That will certainly give you a village worth fighting over, there is nothing worse than having 3 houses for a so called village. If you are going to have one go BIG.
    Good luck.

    1. Absolutely --- go big or stay home! :-) I'm excited to get it all on the table and done.