Wednesday, April 16, 2014

General Update - 4/16/14

Hello all,

I've not perished in some unfortunate accident ... my work has just gotten the better of me this past two months.  That being said, the smoke is clearing and hope springs eternal!  I made little bits of progress on several fronts over the past little bit, but hoping to get serious progress made soon.

I'll very shortly be posting a review of King's Mountain Miniatures --- who make very lovely 28mm miniatures for AWI - and have many that work very well for F&I (see their Over Mountain Men range).  I'll have some comparison photos and such ... but worth a look in the mean time.

So more to come ... I'm very much looking forward to KublaCon --- which is coming up this memorial day weekend ... I'm thinking about doing a GameTime "at the con" episode.


  1. Good to heare from you Jay i have missed your blog upsates!

  2. Me too. I've liked your Muskets and Tomahawks posts a lot.

    1. Thanks - as it turns out, I just did an F&I post :-)