Monday, April 21, 2014

King's Mountain Miniatures

I was given the chance not too long ago to take a closer look at the Over Mountain Men range that is produced by King's Mountain Miniatures.  This post ties into my older post about comparative miniature size for the various 28mm French & Indian War ranges available today.  You can read that post here.

King's Mountain Miniatures

I think these are very nice miniatures and are worth a look for anyone considering building forces for wars between F&I and AWI.

The picture below shows how the King's Mountain Miniatures model stacks up against a Conquest Miniatures figure.  The majority of my collection is from Conquest Miniatures, but I've also got several units from other manufacturers (Redoubt, Galloping Major, Perry Miniatures and Northstar).  Based on my original "comparative miniatures size" post - I would classify King's Mountain Miniatures as being "large" - and mixing well with Galloping Major, Northstar, Blue Moon, and Redoubt Enterprises ranges.

Comparing Conquest Miniatures (left )to
King's Mountain Miniatures (right).  Note that
Warlord Games currently distributes
Conquest Miniatures.

Here you can see again how the King's Mountain
Miniatures range stacks up with Conquest Miniatures.
The King's Mountain Miniatures figures are
thicker than the Conquest Miniatures figures.

My six figure unit of Over Mountain Men from King's
Mountain Miniatures.  You can see the vast array
of head options available here.  You can make
Canadian Militia, provincials/militia, French trappers
and more with all the head options.

I should also point out that King's Mountain Miniatures also does Highlanders for the American War of Independence (AWI).  They would not be appropriate for French & Indian War but they are very nice miniatures!  In fact, that is a pet peeve of mine in that I see many use the Perry Miniatures AWI Highlanders for French & Indian War ... and the uniform and look is very different between the two periods - even though they are not too far apart "date-wise" - the uniforms underwent some significant changes in that short time.

AWI Highlanders from King's Mountain Miniatures.

I don't really have anything negative to say.  The range is currently limited to AWI Highlanders and the Over Mountain Men - so for the periods there are some units you'll have to look to other manufacturers to fill out (for example, regulars, cavalry, artillery, etc.).  The many head options available allow the base models a lot of versatility/re-usability within each range.

So if you are looking to mix things up with your French & Indian War collection or expand your AWI collection I would certainly take a look at what King's Mountain Miniatures has available.

Updated:  A note from Bill at King's Mountain Miniatures

"Thanks for the review. I'll be happy to answer any questions that collectors my have at  In regards to the available base poses, right now there are 16 different bodies that represent frontier type of militia.  There are 31 different Highlander poses. That's 47  unique poses in less that 2 years.

Hopefully by May, there will be 32 new poses released, representing Continental soldiers in the AWI. The separate heads will allow almost any unit to be made. 8 of the poses will represent dismounted dragoons fighting on foot.

Thanks again for the kind review.

Kings Mountain Miniatures"

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