Friday, September 5, 2014

Bolt Action Scenario: Brecourt Manor Assault

On June 6th, 1944, 1st Lt. Winters of easy company, 506th parachute infantry regiment, lead an assault against a German artillery position located very near Brecourt Manor.  This assault was made popular by the Band of Brothers TV series episode Day of Days.

This scenario recreates the key elements of that assault.  The US reinforcements (infantry section) is meant to represent Lt. Spears showing up to assist with the assault.  Spears lead the assault against the 4th gun position, running towards the objective from outside of the trenches in the open!  I've also added some special rules to make it a little more historically accurate with the US starting the game (first dice must be US) and the first action is to grenade an MMG position.  During the assault, Winters found extremely valuable intelligence on German positions throughout the area.  This is represented as well in the scenario.  All that being said, as with any historical scenario, there is some fudging needed in order to make the fight challenging for both sides.

Brecourt Manor: Assault by 506th PIR on D-Day

Objectives & Game End

1VP is awarded for each destroyed gun position (to the US airborne).  For each gun position not destroyed by game end, the Germans get 1VP.  Each eliminated enemy order dice is worth 1VP.  The game lasts 6 turns.

Scenario Special Rules

US Start – The first dice of the game must be a US dice that is used for “kickoff” of the assault (see Kickoff special rule).
Kickoff – First US dice must be used for the assault team (5) which resolves a special grenade attack against the nearest German MMG position.  The grenade attack is resolved as an automatic hit with D6 hits (no penetration) against the MMG position.
US Reinforcements – arrive on any US dice pulled after the second gun position is destroyed.  US reinforcements enter from the table edge at the indicated spot on the map (#7/arrow entry point).
What’s This?! When the US officer enters any gun position for the first time, roll 1D6.   On a 5+ he has found valuable intelligence worth 1VP.  This can only be rewarded once.
Spike the Guns! – any US airborne infantry section (4 & 7) can spike a German field gun.  To do so the unit must spend a “fire” action within 1” of the field gun with no enemy units present within 6” of the gun.
Trenches – are “in the ground” and do not block LOS, additionally:
->  MMG positions can fire 360°.
->  Units in the trench are in hard cover from units outside of the trench.
->  Within the trench, units don’t suffer shooting penalty unless crossing the walls of the
      trench to target unit.
->  Figures from the same unit can draw LOS through figures from their unit.
Light woods – all woods/tree lines can be seen through and provide light cover if LOS is drawn through the tree line to a target.

Order of Battle - Germans

1 x Regular Officer (1st Lt., pistol) + 2 men (rifles)
1 x Regular Infantry Section (1 x SMG, 4 x rifles)
1 x Regular Infantry Section (1 x SMG, 4 x rifles)
1 x Regular Infantry Section (1 x SMG, 4 x rifles)
2 x Regular MMG Teams
4 x Regular LefH 18 10.5cm Gun Teams (4 x crew each, rifles)

All teams are deployed as indicated on the map.

Order of Battle - US Airborne

Primary Assault Units (#4 and #6 on map)
1 x Veteran Officer (1st Lt., rifle) + 2 men (rifles)
1 x Veteran Medic
1 x Veteran Infantry Section (1 x SMG, 5 x Rifles)
1 x Veteran Infantry Section (1 x SMG, 5 x Rifles)
2 x Veteran LMG Teams

Assault Team (#5 on map)
1 x Veteran Infantry Section (1 x SMG, 2 x Rifles)

Reinforcements (#7 on map)
1 x Veteran Infantry Section (1 x SMG, 5 x Rifles)

All teams are deployed as indicated on the map.  See the "US Reinforcements" special rule for arrival and deployment information.

Table & Terrain

The picture below shows the map, objectives and terrain elements used for this scenario.  The table size is 4'x6'.  Key locations and starting deployments as well as special rules are summarized below as well.


  1. Very nice, thanks for sharing! Have you tested this scenario yet? If yes, how did the sides fare against each other?

    1. Thanks! Yes ... have run playtests of it on unfinished setup ... I'll tweak it if necessary ... but seems a good start. Happy to hear any feedback if u play it :-)

  2. Brilliant Jay! The special rules seem perfect and definitely well thought out. Hopefully we'll see some pictures of your play tests. I can't remember if I've seen your Airborne figures before.

    1. Thanks Ivor! I'll be posting pictures for sure ... I'm waiting on a 45 degree trench to arrive (next week or so) and I just purchased a large number of trees I'll be basing ... so hopefully in a few weeks I'll have pictures and a game posted. Roy Scaife, my partner in crime here, has the US troops (army, airborne, rangers and marines) - so we'll be using his US airborne for the scenario --- which reminds me that I need to do a post of his army since it is very well done.

  3. Hey Jay, Just wanted to let you know that we played the scenario yesterday twice. It was good fun and felt mostly balanced. Americans won twice though... ;) Thanks again for sharing and wishing you a great start into 2015!

    1. Outstanding sir!!! happy to hear it worked out :-)

  4. Inspiring stuff, so wish I'd read this before playing a similar scenario last night!
    Great post!

  5. Instagram playthrough here:

  6. I played this scenario earlier in the week. It worked perfectly!