Monday, October 26, 2015

28mm Omaha Beach Scenario (Bolt Action)

I've managed to make a lot of good progress on planning my Omaha Beach scenario for DundraCon.  You can see the map of my plan below that covers Dog Green and Dog White sectors for Omaha beach.

The Plan - Scenario Map

One of the catalysts for me doing this scenario was coming upon the outstanding Omaha Beach mat that is available from Terrain Mat.  I already have one mat from them - my sea mat I use for naval games and it is top notch.  The mats come in many different sizes and scales to suit your needs.  I purchased a 5 foot wide by 7 foot long mat.

Terrain Mat - Beach Landing Mat

My terrain mat has arrived (along with a couple of others I ordered).  I've laid it out on my table to flatten out as it is shipped in a large tube.

My mat has arrived!

I'm laying it out to flatten ... you can see the
dark area between the green edge and beach
which is the "cliff face" that will be elevated
by blue foam under the mat.

Of course any beach landing needs obstacles ... and there are many that can and should be used.  Fortunately I was able to source all the various obstacles I wanted.  First up was looking for Cointet Element (C Element or Belgian Gate).  I couldn't find any in 28mm, but there is a provider for 20mm and I've seen pictures of these next to 28mm miniatures - so close enough, these will work.  Gamecraft Miniatures has these - pictures below.

Gamecraft Miniatures Cointet Element (Belgian Gate)

You can connect the gates together ...

Acheson Creations as a 28mm Fortress Europe series of models that are great for beach landings.  I purchases small and large Hemmbalks from them as well as a Tobruk VF67v with APX-R turret.  Pictures below.

Acheson Creations Large Hemmbalk

Acheson Creations Small Hemmbalk

Acheson Creations  Tobruk VF67v with APX-R turret

I'll be using 4Ground's Hedgehogs and Dragons Teeth.

4Ground Hedgehogs

4Ground Dragons Teeth

In addition to the 4Ground obstacles ... I'll be using the hedgehogs and dragons teeth from Warlord Games as well ... pictured below.

Warlord Games Anti-tank Obstacles
(Hedgehogs and Dragons Teeth)

I'm also going to use the bunkers from Warlord Games "Atlantik Wall" set.

Warlord Games Atlantik Wall

To land the troops I have several LCM and LCVP landing crafts from Cor Sec Engineering.  There are of course other kits available now from others but I bought these a while ago when they first released from Cor Sec ... and now I finally get to use them.

Cor Sec Engineering LCM Landing Craft

Cor Sec Engineering LCVP Landing Craft

I'll be building the Pak40 bunkers from foam board in a style similar to the Warlord Games Atlantik Wall set.  Regular US Army and Rangers will recycle onto the table and operate in smaller than normal teams (6 figure teams).  The landing will also be supported by several Sherman tanks.  I need to spend some more time on the exact forces and objectives that will be used.

So, that is it for now ... lots to assemble and get done (although for once no miniatures ... just terrain).


  1. Sounds like a very impresive project indeed!

    1. Thanks! This one should go relatively quickly given it is just terrain ... and most of that is obstacles ... but we'll see ... I have until the end of January to get it all done (while also working through ACW terrain) :-)

  2. As usual, looks like it'll be an amazing game! Are you adjusting any rules, or house ruling anything for this particular scenario? How many players are you looking to have for the game?

    1. Hey Ivor! I'll be using some scenario specific rules ... but I haven't figured it out just yet ... I'm not all that impressed with what Warlord has posted for beach landings. The beach will be rated as difficult terrain as a result of the troops being wet and the unstable footing. At the same time, the obstacles will provide light cover ... and by using smaller forces it will prevent a large section from having pins pile up ... and be more realistic around how scattered the troops were on the beach. I should be able to accomplish most things within the existing rules. For players, I'm thinking 2 German players and 4-6 allied players.

    2. Good stuff Jay! You have no idea how much I wish I lived on the West coast!

    3. lol ... well, if you ever get out here we'll have to play a game! :-)

  3. Wow, this looks like it will be really neat.

  4. This really sounds like one epic project! Can't wait to see it progress further!

    Is the terrain mat done with some sort of sand and flock etc. attached on or is that texture just from the fabric itself? Looks pretty convincing

    1. Thanks! Sand and flock attached ... the mat is just a plain old tarp underneath. You can use window caulking on tarps like this to attack flock, create waves and similar, as it drys flexible but is also very durable.

  5. Looks great, truly impressive...

  6. Great project! It will be great to follow. /Mattias

  7. Great project we had something similar